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What We’ve Been Up To : September 2020

Back in March, I was wishing away the months until September arrived, wanting to be closer to the end of 2020 as it was turning out to be a rubbish year. Now we are here, nearing the end of 2020 and wishing it to be another 6 months down the line as the outcome and outlook of our lives thanks to Coronavirus still look as bleak as what they did back in March.

September felt like a lifetime away, so far in the future, we couldn’t even see the light at the end of that metaphorical tunnel, now the end of September 2020 is here and that light still hasn’t really arrived. But I’m trying not to dwell on it too much. I want to try to accept what’s happening in life right now and learn from its experiences whilst also keeping happy and safe.

September 2020 wasn’t too bad of a month, we got some challenges thrown at us which we battled through in our usual “it’s life” kind of approach. We also managed to tick off a couple of our Bucket List goals for this year which was incredibly nice too. But more about that soon.

What We’ve Been Up To September 2020


Unfortunately, just in time for the kids to return to school, the infection case numbers rose rapidly which has been rather worrying, to say the least. A press conference earlier in the month showed that infections rose the most in the younger population (11-21 years) but the highest infections being from 16-17 years +. This has been rather alarming and as a result, with schools reopening, there have been school years closing due to a case or two being reported. So far, thankfully, both my children’s schools seem to have been unaffected and no classes or years having to close or take precautions that I’m aware of as yet.

At the beginning of the month, infections started climbing from a steady figure of around 1,000 cases per day to over 3,000 cases by mid-month and the month ending with a continuous rise seeing over 6,000 (a couple of 7,000’s) cases per day. We were told to expect this, and still rising higher from another press conference later in the month with cases expected to rise to around 50,000 per day within the coming weeks/month.

As a result of the case rises we are starting to see not only localised lockdown measures but nationwide measures being put back into place. By the 15th September group numbers visiting different households were limited to 6 people (including the household residing at the property and children). This also included going into other peoples properties and their garden. Then pubs/bars were ordered to start a table only service, with the establishments closing at 10 pm. This then caused issues on the streets with people gathering on the side of roads and causing crowds.

Students also started arriving to their universities around the country and due to case infections on campus a wide number of students then had to self-isolate which left them locked in their dormitories.

It just all feels very messy right now in the UK.

Return to School

At the beginning of the month, we saw the kids make a return to full-time education after the best part of 6 months being at home. After an initial wobble from Leah, she has so far had a great time back at school. Lewis is loving his time at secondary school, has made some great new friends and has adjusted wonderfully to life in “big school”.

Kids heading back to school September 2020.

At the end of September both kids delighted us with bring home a cold, sharing germs within the house and making us all feel delightful. Thankfully the germs seem to have stopped with just colds, of which we soon passed through in around 10 days.

Days Out

With the return to school, we haven’t really ventured far on days out. We’ve spent time at home, concentrating on various homework for the kids.


This comes with rather a large update, starting with Lewis. Lewis is currently working very towards his future with Archery, putting a lot of focus and work into this technique with the help of his coach whilst working on his strength with a new personal trainer. Lewis’s focused has changed a lot with the lifting of restrictions post lockdown and he seems to be mentally aware of his goals and aspirations.

Meanwhile, Leah is finally starting her archery journey too after completing a beginners course. She’s very much looking forward to becoming a member of our archery club, getting her first bow and enjoying her coming years in this great sport. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of her completing her beginners course as I was training in coaching at the same time of which I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to coaching more in the future.

In Other News

You may recall at the beginning of the blog post I’d mentioned about ticking off some things from our Bucket List. Well…

Sam got his motorbike and passed his CBT!

Leah sitting on Sam's motorbike.

After years of wanting to do this he finally bit the bullet and got his bike licence. Currently Sam is riding around on a 125cc bike, gaining experience before moving on to complete training for his full bike licence in the near future. This is a massive tick off our 2020 Bucket List as this has been a huge desire that Sam wanted to complete for quite a few years and now it’s in progress.

Well, thats all I have for September 2020.

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Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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