What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : August 2020

And just like that another month has passed us by, the summer holidays have been and pretty much gone and we are now preparing for returning to school. In this blog post we are looking back on August 2020, sharing what we got up to and how we are continuing to adjust to our “new normal” in life after lockdown.

What We’ve Been Up To August 2020


Lets begin the show with how our life is currently being affected with the Coronavirus;

To be honest, not a lot has changed with regards to businesses reopening as everything is now open again. We are just adjusting to the new normal. Appointments need to be made everywhere you pretty much go, for examples restaurants so theres no more spontaneous lunches. But it does make for safer environments.

During the summer holidays we’ve managed a good few days out (which I will share more soon). All of these days have had to be booked in advance which relied a lot on the Great British weather as so if we stayed dry or got a good soaking but for most part we managed to stay dry thankfully.

The daily reporting of Coronavirus now focuses on new cases rather than deaths. There are reports of a possible case increase with cooler days and winter approach which seems to have the public in a panic and with schools returning too it’s like adding fuel to the smoke.

Face masks are now mandatory in all enclosed public spaces but people seem to have rapidly forgotten that social distancing rules still exist even when wearing masks.

All in all people are just plain confused, the country is in a bit of a state with forgotten rules, disobeyed rules, too many rules and just not knowing how to function.

Let’s just move onto something more positive.

Days Out

As it’s been the school holidays and attractions started opening their doors again we finally headed out. We didn’t do anywhere near as much as we’d usually do during the holidays but the days out we did do we thoroughly enjoyed.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to enjoy at break away this summer due to commitments with our business as we cater a lot of laundry for the hospitality industry. As you can imagine with lots of people choosing to stay in the UK to holiday we’ve been incredibly busy. So in return we enjoyed numerous days out instead.

Early in August we enjoyed an early morning jaunt to Cardingmill Valley to cook some breakfast by the stream before it got too busy. The kids enjoyed playing in the stream, eating bacon butties and then a lovely wander around the area before it got too busy.

Cardingmill Valley with the Kids

A couple of days later we headed over to Chirk Castle and Llangollen to meet with friends from the North West who were holidaying in the area.

Llangollen Canal

Shortly afterwards the weather took a turn and became rather soggy. We’d thankfully booked tickets a couple of days earlier for RAF Cosford museum which we thoroughly enjoyed. As the attraction was predominantly indoors we wore face masks all the visit and used hand gel like it was going out of fashion.

RAF Cosford August 2020

Towards the end of the holidays, we enjoyed our highlight day out of the summer having booked it earlier in the month. Celebrating a friends sons birthday we headed off to Chester Zoo for the day. We blogged about our visit as it was just amazing and wanted to share all that Chester Zoo is doing to keep visitors safe.

Enjoying Chester Zoo with Friends


Towards the end of August our thoughts turned to getting the kids ready for their return to school. Not being 100% sure how their return to school would look I kept things fairly normal in the preparations. We bought new uniforms (Lewis’s not costing a small fortune as he progressed to secondary school), shoes, PE Kits, school bags, lunch boxes and much much more.

Mentally I found it hard to prepare the kids for school so kept talks to a minimum until we knew more but stocked up on hand gels for their school bags and the bits we knew we talked openly about.

Lewis, getting ready for secondary school was excited for his new adventures. Although with the threat of Coronavirus hanging over his head he refused to let it get in the way of his excitement. He has exception personal hygiene and care procedures which I was happy would follow him to the school. I know he will do what is expected to keep himself and his peers safe.

Leah, on the other hand, is a little worried about her return to school and sharing the classroom with 30 other children. With the help of Lewis (as he returned to school in Year 6 in the summer) he talked Leah through the procedures which has helped, she just now needs to put the theory into practice.

We just need to get to September and get back to school.


Lewis and I are still enjoying our archery adventures, enjoying the wonderful weather that summer has brought our way. We’ve spent lots of time at the field, meeting our coaches and even got to enjoy a social bank holiday shoot at the end of August at a neighbouring archery club. It’s been a fantastic month for archery!

Lewis competing at Archery August 2020

Well, thats all I have for August 2020.

Want to find out what we’ve been up to in previous months, read our what we’ve been up to posts here.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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