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Top Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

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Winter 2020 is lining up to be a winter like no other we have ever witnessed. The season where we mostly stay indoors to keep warm and thus when entertaining we bring visitors into our homes to enjoy their company too. Unfortunately with the current state of Covid-19, it isn’t looking likely that we can partake in the entertaining aspect of winter at all as we are being regularly warned that the virus spreads more rapidly in confined, warm spaces. Top it off with the restrictions and lockdowns being imposed left-right and centre in the UK right now it’s really not worth the risk.

With that in mind, people will possibly be less inclined to spend more money than necessary warming the house this winter so here are some of my top tips for keeping warm.

Keeping Warm This Winter

Stay Active

We all know that keeping active increases blood flow around your body and increases circulation. A short exercise routine, spending some time doing some housework or going out for a steady walk will help boost circulation leaving you feel warmer for a while.

Layer Up

Wearing numerous of layers of clothing helps keep the warmth in, just like adding insulation to your home keeps the warmth in too. Layers such as wool, thick cottons and fleece are best whilst adding extra socks or slippers keep your feet warm around the house as the floor tends to be the coolest place.

Wearing wools, thick cottons and fleeces will help improve your chances of keeping warm this winter.

Keep Out The Cold

Keeping all doors and windows closed is the best bit of advice for keeping out the cold. But sometimes a draft can still be felt, especially from gaps lacking in insulation. Consider the use of thermal lined curtains for windows, draft excluders for doorways and closing internal doors in rooms which are not being used.

Use Your Heating

Late summer, early Autumn is recommended to be the best time to get your boiler serviced. This ensures its working at its best for the upcoming winter, helping to save money on your bills and also reducing the chances of a boiler breakdown just when you need it most.

Maintaining a steady temperature around your home (day and night) of around 19-21c during the winter helps not only keep you warm but also regulates your heating bill as your boiler isn’t working overtime to warm the house back up when it drops cold.

There are now new devices on the market which talk to your smartphone, allowing you to check on your heating from outside of the house. I recommend speaking with the team at Duffy Heating for more information. But imagine you are coming back from holiday, but dreading walking into a cold house as the heating has been off or turned down low in the meantime. With a heating device connected to your boiler and set up on your smartphone, you can warm the house up ready for your arrival.

Help for keeping warm this winter with home warming apps and devices

Enjoy Warm Food and Drinks

Enjoying a good warm hearty meal in winter will keep you warm for some time, especially a good stew, check out here for some good stew recipes. Hot drinks such as warm Vimto, tea of coffee (drunk in moderation of course) can also have positive effects.

Not only is enjoying a good warm meal good for you but moving around the kitchen boosts circulation and using the oven/hob also provides a bit of extra warmth to the room too.

Find Support

During the winter months, numerous people are entitled to extra help with paying for heating from extra benefits or heating grants. Be sure to check with the Citizens Advice Bureau for a wide range of support you may be entitled too.

So there you have it, our top tips for keeping warm this winter!

If you have any tips which you would like to share with my readers feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you.

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