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How To Know When Is The Right Time To Get A Family Dog

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It’s worth noting when planning to get a family dog, it is a huge commitment, he or she needs caring for, loving, and your family dynamic needs to be right to care for its needs. If your household contains children you need to establish more facts as to if the children can give their share of pet caring or if the home will be empty for long hours can the family pet be left alone?

Here are some of my top bits of advice when looking to see if adding a dog to the family is the right time.

When is the right time to get a family dog…

Are all family members comfortable with animals?

Every member of your household needs consulting when looking into getting a family dog. Are your children comfortable around dogs? If your child loves seeing dogs when out and about, they love given dogs some fuss and attention then that is a good sign. But if they turn into a heap of anxiety when out and about because a dog is coming their way that tells you it may not be the best time to get a dog.

Dogs are a lifetime commitment.

Can you ensure that you and your family will care for this pet for the duration of its life? Ensuring that it’s needs are met for many years, holidays are at dog friendly locations or perhaps have someone who can take in your pet in your absence, such as a home boarder or kennels.

family cleaning their pet dog - things to consider when planning to get a family dog.

Do you have the time to care for a pet?

A dog is a huge commitment, and it needs considering if you are home enough to care for your dog. As an example dogs should really only be left for around 4-5 hours maximum per day. Would you need to consider a service similar to what Rachels Dog Club provides, a dog walking service, ensuring that your beloved dog gets some attention and probably a much-needed loo visit during the day in your absence.

Do you have plenty of energy?

Some dog’s have gallons of energy and love nothing more than enjoying a big walk, and if possible, a good run. Do you have somewhere local where you can exercise your dog in a big open space.

It’s probably worth noting dogs look a good walk, regardless of the weather!

Do your research

Deciding to get a dog is the easy part, choosing the right breed for your family is where it gets slightly trickier. Be sure to consider the size of the dog you want, how much exercise you can offer it, its breed characteristics, its grooming needs and more. There is a short questionnaire that you can fill out from The Kennel Club that can point you in a good direction for helping find your ideal breed.

Most importantly

Dogs can bring some infectious joy to any household, they are playful, love human company and are a joy to be around. Put a dog and some kids together and the fun is about the begin, from simply rolling a ball for the dog to play fetch in a living-room, to getting out in the garden and digging holes together a dogs cheeky ways are bound to put a smile on anyones face.

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