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Create a personalised memory collage with your family photos

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Crafting with photographs is a fantastic way to preserve your dearest memories. Just like a diary or a blog post, a handmade album gives us the chance to look back and reminisce!

If you want to make your albums even more fun and unique, photo collages are a great option! By adding a few cute decorative elements, such as text or illustrations, you can transform sweet memories into fancy pieces of art. 

Nowadays, creating a photo collage is easier than ever! To make your version of the pictures in this post, you’ll only need two design assets: the free Amellis Path font, and the Hidden Tropics clipart set. 

Image example from Creative Fabrica - Creating a personalised memory collage

These design assets are available at Creative Fabrica, the ultimate design library for crafters and creatives. Their Graphics section features gorgeous illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, and templates. You can also find teaching materials and colouring pages to entertain kids at home. Also, anyone who is running a local business will find everything they need to create a logo or a business card.

All the resources include a lifetime license for personal and commercial use. Members of Creative Fabrica’s subscription plan gain unlimited access to all products on the site. 

Creative Fabrica is the go-to place to get fantastic freebies. In their growing Free Fonts library you can find hundreds of premium free fonts.

A memory collage is a great craft to make for yourself or to give away as a gift to friends and family.

This is how you can make a personalised collage for your family photos, using fonts and designs from Creative Fabrica.

Supplies needed

  • Photos
  • One, or more unique fonts
  • A fun, fancy graphic set
  • A computer or a tablet with access to the Internet
  • Paper, a thick paper like card stock is recommended
  • A user-friendly online design tool, like Canva.

For those who like to make their collages by hand, this crafting tutorial works just as well if you decide to print, cut and glue by hand. 

Step -by-step

Follow these steps when creating your collage. The process is straightforward!

Curate a selection of family pictures for the collages

There are different criteria you can follow in your picture selection. You could choose photos of a memorable holiday, a celebration, or an important milestone like the first day of school.

Photos of family hobbies, like archery or Formula 1, can also make fantastic additions to your collage.

Write messages to match the images 

Words are the perfect complement to the visual memories you have collected. If you need some inspiration which quotes to use for your collage,  here are some examples: 

  • Memories last forever
  • Family is forever.
  • There’s no buddy like a brother.
  • Sisters make the best friends.
  • Family time is worth every second. 
  • The best things in life are not things.

These quotes can work as a reference when composing your collages. Be creative and personal when writing your quotes!

Match every picture with a quote from the list

This step is a lot of fun! It’s all about challenging your creativity. What’s important is to find words that can express everything you want to say. Thinking about this process as sending a letter to our future selves can be a handy way to find extra inspiration!

Time to start designing

The first thing you’ll need to do is to add some background elements to your collage. The base layer is an essential part of every composition. You want the background to be playful, harmonic, and versatile.

Image example from Creative Fabrica - Creating a personalised memory collage

A good background will have a significant impact on the rest of your collage. It’s worth trying a few different options before deciding on which one to use in your final design.

Adding our pictures

Once you’ve put all the elements of the background in place, it’s time to position your pictures on top. You can choose one or more pics for every composition. These images should have a central place in the whole artwork.

Image example from Creative Fabrica

Writing our message

It’s time to type out the quote we’ve chosen for our collage. As you can see in the picture, the Amellis Path font was a fantastic choice. So stylish! 

Image example from Creative Fabrica - Creating a personalised memory collage

Play around with different sizes and colours for your text. The right quote can elevate the look of any creation!

Adding some final details

Once you’ve matched your quote with the image and the background, it’s time to add some additional decorative elements. Some cute leaves, chunky strokes, or fancy flowers can help give your creation the perfect finishing touch.

Image example from Creative Fabrica

And that’s it! Your family collage is ready. If you’ve made your collage digitally, you can simply print it out in your desired format. If you have printed out the different elements and mixed them by hand, you can finish the collage by glueing them together with an adhesive.

Keep on reading to find some extra examples of what we can do with this beautiful craft.

How to display our collage

Wall Art

You can use your creations to decorate the rooms in your home. They will look stunning! Family memories are the perfect match for a living room, a nursery, or a dining room. You could even frame your collage or print directly on a canvas.

Image example from Creative Fabrica - Creating a personalised memory collage

Greeting Cards

These collages are perfect for sharing with your friends and family. You can use them as a greeting card for holidays like Christmas, for the start of a new school year,  or for a birthday. It’s also a sweet way to share some highlights of your last family trip.

Image example from Creative Fabrica

A curated album

An album containing all your picture collages and quotes is the best way to keep your precious memories. You can keep adding pages to this collection as time goes by. It’s a sweet, traditional way to write down the story of your family. These are crafts that your kids will keep with them forever.

Image example from Creative Fabrica - Creating a personalised memory collage

Personalised stationery

These designs will look great on the cover of a notebook, or on a personalised diary. Having pictures of your loved ones at sight is a great way to motivate ourselves on even the most challenging of days. Customised stationery is also a great gift idea for celebrations like Father’s or Mother’s day.

Image example from Creative Fabrica

After getting inspired by this post, it’s time for you to create your family collages. Make sure to follow the steps and enjoy every moment of the process. Have fun!

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