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15 Ways To Achieve A Calmer Life

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We all know right now that life is stressful, keeping safe and well is at the forefront of our minds whilst everyone tries to return to their normal life but in a new way. Finding a calmer life may be something we can only dream of. But how about making those dreams a reality with just making some simple, yet effective changes to your space.

Try adopting these simple ideas for a less stressful, calmer life.

Useful ideas for a calmer life


With a vast majority of people working from home right now sometimes keeping solely focused can be trick.

  1. Keep a tidy working environment – Make sure you are working in an area that can be kept tidy around you. This reduces the stresses brought on from an untidy environment.
  2. Reduce distractions – This can be achieved with a multiple of things, instead of listening to the radio try some music instead. There are recommendations everywhere for music to listen to increase your concentration.
  3. Take a break – Taking a break every 60-90 minutes really can improve your working day. If you work at a desk, stand up and move around, go for a short walk. This will help improve your focus and open up your mind for inspiration.
  4. Limit multi-tasking – A job cannot be given 100% attention if you are multi-tasking. Always complete the job in hand before moving onto another.
  5. Plan – I love a good to-do list, this makes me effective and productive all at the same time. Plus those little niggly jobs won’t be forgotten.
Keeping a to-do list is ideal for achieving an effective and calmer day


Away from the desk it’s always important to keep the balance of calm at home. This promotes positivity and will keep you more calm in other aspects of life.

  1. Meal Planning – There’s no worse thought at 4 pm than wondering what to have for tea tonight. Make a meal plan for the week, that way you know what’s coming up and you can also pick up all the ingredients you require in bulk when you make your meal plan.
  2. Organisation – Keep clutter to a minimum around the home, there’s nothing worse than losing something you need and want to reach with ease again. Give everything a home and when it’s not in use, put it away again.
  3. Moving Home – If you are in need of moving home soon hire a team of movers such as Twilleys take away the stress of moving boxes and possessions.
  4. Decorate – Nothing promotes calm more than having calming surroundings. Pastel shades on the walls and pleasant decorations in eye pleasing locations.
  5. Noise – Where possible keep noise to a minimum, either by closing windows to block out the noise of traffic or playing some soothing music.
Lady keeping calm with some soothing music


Last but not least, all this calmness needs spreading to everyone else you live with.

  1. Routine – Especially if you have a young family, having a routine in place ensures everyone knows what’s coming up and what time of day it is. For example, for a nighttime routine bathtime is always followed by bedtime or for a morning routine brushing your teeth is followed by getting dressed.
  2. Family Time – Always make time as a family unit to spend some time together, if that’s by having a day trip to the beach or simply watching a film.
  3. Chores – Keeping a list of chores for all members of the household to complete will ensure that the house runs smoothly. No one leaves a mess behind them and will a calmer environment.
  4. Fun – Always make time for fun, laughter is good for the soul.
  5. Talk – This is vital for good mental health, talk to your children, let your children talk to you too. This will help all involved to talk about their worries, fears, positive news and much more.
Talking with family can have positive effects for achieving a calmer life

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