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10 Ways to prepare your home for Autumn

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Autumn is very nearly upon us. The nights start to get darker earlier, the autumnal sunsets are amazing to witness, the days become cooler, trees change their colour and leaves begin to drop. These are all my favourite things about Autumn, it’s my favourite season of the year.

Astronomical Autumn begins on the 22nd September, ending on the 21st December whilst metrological Autumn begins on 1st September. Either way, it’s already becoming apparent that Autumn is pretty much here. With the change in seasons, we will reduce our time spent in the garden, closing our doors and windows to prevent the cool autumnal air from cooling our homes too much and choosing to spend more time in the warmth.

With that in mind, our thoughts will suddenly turn from outdoor maintenance and decor to indoor maintenance and decor. From deep cleaning to changing our home decor, here are 10 ways you can prepare for Autumn.

Preparing for Autumn

Cut The Lawn

With the cooler, less light days that Autumn brings your lawn will slow down its growth. But it will still need the occasional trim during Autumn. Even with the leaves falling from trees I use my lawnmower as a hoover, meaning I not only mow the lawns weekly but I also pick up all the leaves from my garden too.

Put Away Garden Furniture

Remember to give the furniture a good clean before putting it away, this helps protect it from the harsh frosts that winter brings ensuring its life just that bit longer.

Clean The Gutters

This job is rather important if you have gutters which frequently fill up with leaves, moss and other stuff that builds up over the year. It’s best to get them emptied and prepared for the upcoming season changes.

Deep Clean The House

This job actually covers a wide range of angles, from deep cleaning the oven, decluttering and moving all the furniture to clean behind. With our doors and windows starting to close we want to remove all the dust build-up that summer caused.

Clean Fireplace

Now is also a good time to hire a chimney sweep, give your chimney a good clean out before starting the fire up again. This will remove any build-ups in your chimney that may be a fire risk such as debris and possible birds nests. Also if you have a stove, it may be worth getting it checked over to ensure it’s going to work at its best for you over the cooler season.

Person enjoying sitting in front of a fireplace.

Change Decor

There is nothing better than making some decor changes to the home, perhaps purchase some seasonal decorations that only come out in Autumn. Such as cushion covers, bedspreads and throws. Now may even be a good time to change some picture frames around the house, the team at PicFrames are ideal for this job as they make frames to the exact specification you require in a wide range of designs too. You may also want to consider changing your curtains to thermal lined to help keep the warmth in.

Use Autumnal Scents

Nothing says comfort more than a lovely autumnal scent, either by warming some scented wax in a decorative wax warmer or displaying a nice selection of potpourri. You want to be choosing cosy, warming scents containing cinnamon, spiced pumpkin or baked apple to make your home smell wonderful.


If you’re thinking of some bigger changes to prepare your home for Autumn you may want to consider getting a paintbrush out, donning some overalls and having a good old painting session. A freshly decorated room is as good as the rest.

Blankets Out

Or perhaps the thought of painting isn’t right for you at the moment. Perhaps you may want to choose to snuggle down with a lovely thick fluffy blanket, a hot chocolate and binge-watching some much-missed TV box sets instead.

Person with a blanking whilst getting ready to prepare for Autumn.

Prepare Autumnal Recipes

Nothing screams autumn more than enjoying some amazing home-cooked stews or casseroles. Enjoyed with some chunky bread. Amazing!

So there you have it, 10 ways to prepare your home for Autumn.

If at all you have some other ideas please do share them in the comments below.

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