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What We’ve Been Up To : July 2020

Another month, another What We’ve Been Up To blog post. This month we are looking back on July 2020, sharing what we got up to and how we are adjusting to our “new normal” in life after lockdown.

July was a bit of a funny month, mainly with learning how to react with our new normal in life, trying to enjoy the freedom that life is now giving us whilst also trying to remain safe from Coronavirus.

Let’s kick things off with an update with the state of Lockdown.

What We’ve Been Up To July 2020


Again as a bit of a reminder in years to come with the state of great 2020 lockdown there has been a lot of progress with the reopening of public places in the UK.

The beginning of July 2020 places such as hairdressers, pubs, restaurants, hotels were allowed to reopen when using such facilities members of the public were requested to leave details such as name and telephone number for the track and trace scheme. This meant that if a member of the public attended a location the same as you on the same day you could be notified and requested that you self-isolated to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The Track and Trace scheme is now widely used but faces a lot of criticism as to if it actually works, if call centre operators are efficient enough or if members of the public will actually listen to the guidelines should they be requested to self-isolate.

Since the beginning of the month, more businesses have reopened, these include theatres (but with no live events), cinemas, libraries, museums, theme parks and more zoo’s.

Towards the end of the month, gyms and leisure facilities were allowed to reopen doors too. Entry numbers were to remain low, social distancing was to be fully adhered too at a distance of 2metres and any apparatus used was to be fully cleaned down after use.

It’s worth noting that face coverings were made mandatory to use in shops and all closed spaces.

Last but not least, and the most exciting part of July for me was that the F1 season was able to get underway again YIPPEE!!!! I have really enjoyed watching F1 again, the race circuits look a bit bleak with no fans allowed to attend but it hasn’t damped the driver’s spirits too much as they are providing some amazing races.

I maintain my daily stalking of the overall Coronavirus figures released from the Government, numbers were continuing to maintain a low figure in both deaths and positive cases. There is some concern that numbers in certain areas of the UK are increasing but local lockdowns are happening to try and curb that spike.

Now for what we have been up to.


Back in June Lewis was able to re-attend school, in Year 6 Lewis was finishing his primary school education. He’d already missed his SAT’s but it was important for the kids to get back to school. They needed to soak up any missing education that was missed out on, whilst also preparing for leaving primary school to transition to secondary school. His school provided a fairly good end of school for their leavers and he was happy to get back to school to say goodbye to his teachers and friends.

Now the holidays are upon us Lewis and his best friend from school are keeping in regular contact, via text message, phone calls and meet ups. They are helping each other prepare for secondary school.

Leah meanwhile didn’t get a chance to go back to school, she has now not been to school since March and is missing her education. Thankfully during lockdown Leah has kept in contact with a number of her class friends mostly via video calling. We have met up occasionally with her best friend from school and their family which has given the girls some MUCH needed friend time. We intend to keep the girls in contact with meetup’s on a weekly basis during the holidays which is so far working well.

Days Out

Getting out and about again has been at the forefront of my mind since the holidays began. I don’t want to keep the kids cooped up in the house but I want to provide them with regular outings and entertainment. I have been aiming to have a once-weekly “big day out”. This then gives us time to ensure we haven’t contracted Coronavirus and can also be certain where we picked up the virus if we do become poorly. So far we have enjoyed trips to Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom in Telford, Home Farm Attingham (near Shrewsbury) and Cadbury World in Birmingham. We also enjoy our numerous trips a week to the archery field and walks in our local area.

Visiting Hoo Farm July 2020
Visiting Home Farm July 2020
Visiting Cadbury World July 2020

Well, thats all I have for July 2020.

Want to find out what we’ve been up to in previous months, read our what we’ve been up to posts here.

Stay safe and thank you for reading.


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