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How To Achieve A Calm Bedroom With Bedding and Cushions

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There’s no denying that lockdown has been tough on every single one of us in one way or another. From having a life with unlimited amounts of freedom to then being told to stay at home and only leave for exercise or essential shopping. Life has been incredibly very tough on us all.

During our time in lockdown, we spent the majority of our free time making minor home improvements. Either by working in the garden, reorganising the garage, tidying up the kid’s rooms or popping a bit of paint in a room or two. What we didn’t think about doing was changing some of the soft furnishings in any of the bedrooms for added comfort. I can just imagine now how much different and calm our bedrooms would feel with some new bedding and cushions.

Improving your bedroom with soft furnishing


All beds look attractive with a nice bedding set on the duvet and pillows. Having a couple of sets of bedding and frequently changing the set means your bedroom looks fresher and more attractive for a very long time. There is no nicer feeling of jumping into bed in the evening with a new, fresh bedding set to greet you.

Bedding from Yorkshire Linen Company


Don’t forget to protect your mattress with fitted sheets, helping prolong the life of your mattress and protecting it from staining, dirty and moisture. Finding a nice matching fitted sheet set to compliment your bedding set

For the warm nights that summer brings, you may find your self kicking back the duvet cover in a sweaty frustration. You can still wrap yourself up though in a lovely cotton flat sheet to gain your wonderful night’s sleep.


Cushions really can add some style edge to any comforting and calm bedroom upgrade. For example, some of these Catherine Lansfield cushions at Yorkshire Linen’s website are absolutely stunning. Decorate your bed stylishly in a morning adding some real comfort to your room.

A sample of Catherine Lansfield Cushions from Yorkshire Linen to help achieve a calm bedroom.


Another stylish edge would be to add a throw to your bed. This not on looks great but also provides protection from dust on your bedsheets too. Added in with some matching cushions mentioned above and your bedroom will look incredibly stylish and comfortable which is highly essential during these tough times.

Here is some our our tips for achieving a calm bedroom with the addition of soft furnishings.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, please let us know in the comments below.

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