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A Covid Safe Trip To Cadbury World

At the beginning of the holidays I asked the kids to write me a list of places they would like to visit during the break. On their list was Cadbury World, so not willing to disappoint I booked us in for a visit and last Wednesday we attended.

We last visited Cadbury World back in the summer last year, but we previously blogged about the attraction in 2014. Since then not an awful lot has changed with the site itself, except now visitor numbers have been drastically cut and there are a heck of a lot of hygiene practises in place.

Our Visit To Cadbury World


Like a vast majority of attractions right now bookings are taking place online, with strict timed entry slots. We booked our tickets a week previously and noticed that ticket availability was already heavily affected. To avoid disappointment always book in advance and be prepared to wait a good few days, maybe even weeks to gain entry at the time slot of your preference.

Safety Measures

If you are aware of how Cadbury World operates, a vast majority of this attraction is based indoors. Which given strict social distancing rules right now and numbers allowed in indoor premises you can imagine how that affects indoor attractions. Everywhere you go you will notice social distancing safety stickers, advising public where to stand to keep a safe distance. You will also come across barriers, with plastic shields to prevent standing too close to members of the public going the opposite way.

Social Distance sticker at Cadbury World
Social Distance sticker at Cadbury World

I will also now take this opportunity to mention the amazing efforts that Cadbury World have taken to keep staff safe. All staff have been given a fantastic amount of Personal Protective Equipment, from face masks to coverings, gloves (where appropriate) and aprons. All whilst trying to entertain their guests, big and small. They really are doing an exceptional job.

Frequent cleaning is also taking place which you will notice a lot as you journey through the attraction. For example, in the chocolate making zone you collect your little pot of melted chocolate and some yummy treats to enjoy in the melted chocolate. There are 2 zones to collect your pots, all protected with a large piece of plastic screen and a serving hatch. This is frequently cleaned by a member of staff walking through this area. Likewise with the adjacent windows where you can watch members of staff in a factory room decorating sculpted chocolate delights and packaging them up for sale. The member of cleaning staff that we came across here was doing an exceptional job keeping everything clean and safe that members of public would either touch or get up close to.

Last but not least, it’s now worth mentioning cleaning stations, you know, the ones with antibacterial gel for use. Everywhere you look you will see these stations. I could hazard a guess at how many stations there are around the whole attraction but it’s going to be somewhere near (may even be above) the 100 mark! It was fantastic and everywhere we went there was always someone using one too, top marks Cadbury Team!

Our Visit

The day of our visit we were only able to book tickets for mid-afternoon (2.40 pm) but we were advised to arrive up to an hour earlier to take advantage of the outside attractions such as the 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema, the Bournville Experience, playground, meet and greets and outside dining area. Before we could enjoy the outdoor adventure we needed to gain our wrist bands from the reception desk. There was a short queue before being invited forwards where we had our temperatures checked by a thermal camera which read our temperatures to the member of staff on the counter, it was all super clever! After gaining our wrist bands we headed to the back of the attraction for the outdoor attraction.

The playground was open, as were the driveable trucks which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. Nearby there was a sanitising station which the kids used after touching various parts of the play areas.

The kids meeting the Caramel Bunny with social distancing measures at Cadbury World.
The kids meeting the Caramel Bunny with social distancing measures at Cadbury World.
The kids enjoying their driving trucks at the playground.
The kids enjoying their driving trucks at the Cadbury World playground.
One of the MANY sanitising stations located around the Cadbury World site.
One of the MANY sanitising stations located around the Cadbury World site.

We enjoyed the 4D cinema which I’d never been to before on previous visits as the children were younger, we’d arrived too late or the queue was just too long. There was no queue this time with visitor numbers being heavily reduced so after a quick chat with a member of staff outside we were invited inside. We sat through the short film with around 6-7 other family groups, all spaced out in the auditorium, wearing face masks and 3D glasses. You could smell the cleaning chemicals used in the room which helped to understand that the room was cleaned thoroughly but because the room was enclosed the chemicals tickled our throats making us and other people cough a bit.

Soon it was time for our indoor adventures. Gaining entry we needed to head back to main reception, have our temperatures checked once again before heading through to the timed entry area for the main attraction. We entered gained our entry with about 3-4 other small groups behind us meaning we could all maintain a safe distance to enjoy the Aztec Jungle before entering Bull Street and the short films about the manufacturing of chocolate.

The Aztec Jungle at Cadbury World
The Aztec Jungle at Cadbury World

From here on we were pretty much left alone to enjoy our self guided tour. The kids enjoyed having a go at writing their names in chocolate, eating their chocolate pots and watching other demonstrations. We even got a ride on the Cadabra ride which we feared would be out of action because of Covid but it was incredibly well handled.

Because of the limited entry for the attraction there is a lot less people, which means no queues. The Cadabra ride is running on a full ride basis but fewer seats are available. For example, people getting off the ride would vacate their cart and leave, that cart would then be cleaned but left empty to go around the ride again. Us, as the next in attendance would take the cart behind which was cleaned previously (having been set around the track again empty) and left to dry. This helped maintain a greater social distance on the ride from the cart in front and thus helped maintain a high level of cleanliness on the ride too.

Enjoying the Cadabra Ride at Cadbury World
Enjoying the Cadabra Ride at Cadbury World

Afterwards, we headed back downstairs where we enjoyed the various green screen areas, before heading to Advertising Avenue and the Purple Planet.

Granny lifting truck

Because the Purple Planet is a highly interactive area there are many buttons the press, but again there were a couple of members of staff on hand to clean equipment down and also a good few sanitising stations located in this area too.

All in all, a very well thought of attraction, still just as enjoyable as before lockdown and we felt incredibly comfortable during our time there.

The Shop

I haven’t noted before but the indoor attraction doesn’t (as yet) require members of the public to wear face coverings, but the shop does (following government guidelines).

The indoor cafe remains closed for there is a snack hut in the outdoor attraction area serving hot/cold drinks, snacks and some foods.

Our Verdict

All in all given what the country is currently dealing with we had an excellent experience at Cadbury World. Visitor numbers are drastically reduced in comparison to our previous normal which heaps with keeping visitors safe but also worries me as sites like this must be really struggling financially but it’s nice they are trying to keep going.

Social Distancing measures are perfect, in demonstration and waiting areas there are stickers on the floor to keep visitors safe whilst the amount of sanitising stations are fantastic.

We really did feel safe during our time here.

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**This is not a collaborative post. We paid for our own tickets to Cadbury World and have not been asked to share our experience in any way. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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