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What We’ve Been Up To : June 2020

Woah, how is it already the middle of July already?! I am so behind with everything right now that I completely overlooked writing up our what we got up to post for June 2020! Time appears to just be slipping by right now.

To be quite honest, we didn’t really get up to much “fun” stuff last month as we have been working towards our “new normal” with regards to interaction, life, school and work. So this months update will be relatively short unfortunately.

What We’ve Been Up To June 2020


It’s become more apparent recently that in our future lives the great Lockdown of 2020 will be taught in every day life. This event really will shape our future and generations to come no doubt. I feel recording how life is progressing month by month may help with recalling certain details in years to come.

  • Social Distancing – A new rule was announced towards the end of June that the previous 2-meter rule would be relaxed to 1 meter.
  • Bubbles – People for the first time since the end of March could form bubbles. First up it was the isolated people, single parents, those living alone could form another “bubble” with another household. Then gatherings were increased in peoples gardens and now it’s up to groups of 6 I believe. People who had formed “bubbles” could safely enter other peoples homes for sleepovers and support.
  • Non-Essential Businesses – These have now been granted permission to reopen which really did perk up our struggling high street. Closures were still in place for hairdressers, beauty salons, bars and restaurants.
  • Return To Work – Workplaces are seeing the return of members of staff to businesses. But only if conditions were safe and workers could remain safe where possible.
  • Essential Shopping – Panic buying really is a thing of the past now, supermarkets are now fully stocked with essentials such as loo roll, bread, milk, eggs, flour and there was even a supply of hand sanitizer and facemasks on store shelves at the end of June!
  • Schools Reopened – A big update over the month of June was that schools were allowed to reopen the doors again to some pupils. Obviously social distancing meant that some classes were unable to reopen due to a severe lack of space. For this reason only the Reception year, Year 1 and Year 6 were invited back to school.
  • Attractions began opening their doors – Attractions such as Zoos, Safari Parks, Theme Parks and outdoor spaces began opening their gates and allowing visitors again from Mid June. This was following a campaign from Chester Zoo in the media due to severe financial losses which could have closed the business putting lives of their thousands of inhabitants at risk. All attractions have strict social distancing guidelines in place and have been popular with visitors since reopening. All attractions now have online booking systems in place for visitors to book tickets, entry numbers are heavily restricted and there are timed slot entry systems everywhere you go now.
  • Track and Trace – A new system was put into place this month to help keep people safe, the idea being when a case of Coronavirus was confirmed people could be tracked (with necessary given information) as to where they have been and other people could be alerted to a potential risk. After a fair few teething issues in its early days, I think the system is running rather well now.
  • Localised Lockdown – Spikes in the R rate of Coronavirus are now traceable with the help of Track and Trace. Then where necessary government with the aid of local councils are enforcing localised lockdowns to prevent further spread of the virus. The first lockdown came about in Leicester and since other areas of the UK are being looked upon and action will be taken where necessary.

As mentioned before I am very sorry for sketchy details with regards to lockdown restrictions being lifted etc. I am writing this in the middle of July and certain things happened last month, which feel like this month and this happening this month felt like last month. I’m all a bit confused now.

Lets get back onto what we’ve been up to!

Days Out

Gosh, if we though May was a dry spell for days out it was nothing compared to June! We literally went nowhere for the whole month. Except to my parents (more about that later). The most exciting outing for the month was the return to the archery field which we have been fully utilising and enjoying. It’s felt wonderful to throw some arrows about and even meet with my coach again.

Our return to the Archery Field June 2020

Chicken Update

Following May’s update introducing Roastie, Fillet and Nugget I am pleased to announce they have all settled in wonderfully. After a couple of weeks being picked on a bit by our older two hens things have calmed down a pecking order has been established and our new comers have begun laying too. We now getting a wonderful coloured selection of eggs in the morning and each hen has its own wonderful, cheeky personality.

Eggs from all our chickens


We’ve had another lockdown birthday. You may recall Leah’s birthday was March 23rd which is the day lockdown began. Lewis’s birthday was 13th June 2020 which was 2 days before a big lift in lockdown. Thankfully we are now completed for 2020 for birthdays as Sam’s birthday was at the beginning of the year. Despite Lewis having no birthday party to enjoy with friends, he had a wonderful day. Thankfully though we visited my parents the day after for a family BBQ whilst also getting to spend a bit of time with my Brother and Grandma. The first time I’d seen my family since February.

Lewis celebrating his birthday in Lockdown June 2020


With the return of Lewis going back to school I thought it would be prime time to work with just Leah on her studies. Helping her to lock back into her studies but it proved just as tricky as before. Our time constraints being the main problem with me working in our business, working on my blog, housework etc it all just became too difficult. In the end, I’ve opted to purchase a rook of CGP Books and looking into buying an IXL subscription for learning at home. Focusing on the skills Leah already knows rather than teaching her something new.

Want to find out what we’ve been up to in previous months, read our what we’ve been up to posts here.

Well thats all I have for June 2020.

Stay safe and thank you for reading

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