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Finding Childcare over the Summer Holidays

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Now that the majority of the lockdown is pretty much over, we are establishing our lives in a world of “the new normal”. This has all arrived just in time for the schools to break up for the 6 weeks summer holidays. Some parents who have been working from home or furloughed are now being asked to return to their workplace. This is leaving some parents in rather a tricky situation with regards to childcare.

Our local holiday club, which I would rely on for the odd day during the holidays are only taking multiple day bookings, whilst also reducing the numbers of children they can take too. So our usual provision is no longer available this holidays. With the help of, I am hopeful, should if/when the time arrises that we may be able to find someone who can help us out.

About is an award-winning online network for parents, childminders, nannies and online tutors. Whilst hosting details of other childcare provisions (such as schools and nurseries) within your local area. With over 2 million registered users from parents to providers, you are certain to find the help you need.

How To Use to find a Childminder is a free to use online service and also has an app available for iPhone and Android too. Before you register you can search for your childcare requirements and then by simply registering for a free account and you can then send messages, leave feedback and much more.

With your account created it tailors your searches to your local area automatically. I instantly found 12 childminders within a 5-mile radius of my home. 4 of which were in my small town.

Childminders located near me on

From here we were able to check out each childminders profile and send them a message.

Upon loading a profile you will be provided with a summary of each minders key facts. This heavily relies on information being provided by each individual childcare provider. Information as such includes if they have a DBS check (and is currently in date), OFSTED registered, experienced with special needs children, first aid trained, own a car, can do school pickups and much more. If you have specific needs or questions its worth while asking the minder by message for more information.

Next you will come across an “about me” section which is a section of blurb about the minder. This is very much like an online interview. Here they can put as much information as possible about themself, their background in childcare, their family and setting. Some profiles I have found to be adequately loaded with information which made me feel comfortable with choosing this person as a potential childminder. Whilst other profiles lacked a lot of information.

What follows is a “My Experience” and “My Qualifications” section. This can repeat the “About Me” section but it’s nice and comforting for some information to be repeated.

Example of Childminders availability and fees.

Then you will come across your prospective childminders availability and fees. I find this to be super helpful to know what hours your childminder can cover your working hours and if it suits your requirements.

My Verdict

Before now I had heard of but never really logged on to see what it was about. I will admit I am super impressed with the webpage. It’s easy to navigate and is an all in one place for finding childcare for my children for the coming holidays.

I was super impressed with the layout of the prospective profiles. Having so much information provided by some childminders really does put an ease on making a correct decision for your childcare needs.

What’s more, is when you have searched for childminders in your local area you can see reviews left by other parents. When they last logged in information also shows they are still active and looking to help parents with childcare needs.

Overall I have found this service to be very useful. What’s more, with the summer holidays coming up I may have to make some contact with a childminder and book my kids in whilst I work.

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