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All you need to know about Vinyl Flooring

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Making changes in your home requires planning and option evaluation. If you have been weighing up alternative flooring options to vinyl flooring, then you will want to know of all the benefits that vinyl flooring has to offer. For the optimum home renovation or redesign, vinyl flooring can provide an array of benefits that alternative flooring material cannot.


First off, your flooring is going to be the foundation beneath furniture which we all know come with sharp corners, feet, or edges. Marks and scratches can easily embed themselves in your floor before you have time to realise that they are there and getting worse.

Vinyl flooring diminishes the effects that heavy furniture has on your flooring by using scratch guard technology which is designed to prevent scratches and help flooring to recover from damage caused by sharp edges. If scratches occur a simple vinyl polish and sandpaper will bring your flooring back to new in just a few minutes.

Vinyl Flooring in a kitchen


Many shoppers believe that the most chemicalised products are the best for your vinyl flooring, when in fact it is quite the opposite.

As vinyl is made up of layers of materials which collectively make your vinyl flooring so durable, the harsher the cleaning product used upon it, the less durable your vinyl flooring becomes over time. When you think about shopping for cleaning products after first installing your fantastic vinyl flooring, less is more.

Once your vinyl flooring is installed, your shopping list should consist merely of; floor wipes, a sweep, a mop and bucket, and a simple soap solution mixed with water to use over the entirety of the flooring after the debris has been swept away.


Whether your are an advocate of DIY or your reply solely on professionals to fit your flooring, ensure that the initial couple of days after installation your rooms temperature is kept to 45 degrees to allow time for the flooring to set completely before the weight of movement and objects are placed upon the flooring.

If you’re still deciding how to install your flooring, then you’re in luck. There are the click or glue down methods available to you, each which take only a matter of hours to complete (depending on the size of your space) and none of which leave you with a messy and dust filled room afterwards.

Vinyl Flooring in a hallway


When uncertainty strikes, the experts are the only way to go. Reaching out to a reputable distributor of vinyl flooring can vanquish your doubts and enhance your knowledge of the product you will be spending your hard-earned money on.

Amtico works hard in your home all year round, with incomparable durability and textures which look distinguishably lavish in any space. Luvanto has the power to accentuate the best features or material items throughout any space. It brings together your dream room scape simple border patterns and layering patterns. Invictus is another durable vinyl flooring with multiple design capabilities and even specific border tile collections which can help designers play around with contrast and outlines.

Vinyl flooring isn’t a choice your will regret but it makes sense to explore this option fully before you purchase this new fabulous flooring.

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