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2020 Bucket List – Update

We’ve now passed the halfway mark of 2020 and what a year this has been. No one could have expected the weird way our lives would take in the past 7 months. Many people would like to move on from our lives in lockdown, many people brought their lives together with loved ones and like us, many just got on with what we were faced with.

You may recall back in January I set a bucket list of what I’d have liked to achieve this year. It’s going to be an interesting update, many of our items we have significant updates, others we are still hoping to complete and others we are likely to move to 2021. So without further ado, let’s see where we stand in our 2020 Bucket List Update.

What was on the list?

Let me remind you what we put on our Bucket List for 2020.

What we’ve completed

Let’s start with the triumphs of the year so far.

  • Go on a trip to Europe – You may recall that we had actually booked a trip back at Christmas to Barcelona in February. We were very lucky to be able to go given the threat of Coronavirus around the world. Myself, along with Lewis and my Dad had a wonderful 3 day trip to Barcelona, seeing the wonderful city whilst also going to Circuit De Catalunya for a day of F1 pre-season testing.
2020 Bucket List Update - Lewis in Barcelona for F1 Pre Season Testing
Pit Road Walkabout – Lewis and the entrance to the pitlane
  • Buy Lewis A New Bow – After a manic growth spurt from Christmas to June, we finally had to give in to pressure and purchased Lewis’s new bow.
  • Start and enjoy my new job – After a brief introduction to my new job as a casual invigilator for the local grammar school it was working out perfectly around the kid’s school and business commitments. Unfortunately, Coronavirus and lockdown put a stop on the 2020 exam season but we believe resits will be offered for the Autumn term where I will be needed to work again. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Have a birthday party for Leah – Somehow, by the skin of our teeth, Leah actually got a birthday party. We joined forces with Leah’s best friend’s parents to host a joint birthday party which took place a week after the friends birthday but 2 weeks before Leahs. This worked out perfectly as a week later and her birthday party would have been cancelled due to coronavirus lockdown.

What we still plan to complete on our 2020 Bucket List update

  • Buy some new Dining Room furniture – This had to temporarily be put on hold due to stores closing for Lockdown. As stores are new reopening we intend to get this completed soon.
  • Introduce Leah to archery – We originally had Leah booked on a beginners course for May but it was put on hold due to lockdown. Thankfully now beginners courses are allowed to commence so we are hopeful Leah will become an archer before the summer is out.
  • Try a new Spa location – Back for my birthday in April and a close friends birthday in May we’d intended to book a Spa day. But again, Lockdown put a stop to that. We are hoping to get something arranged later in the year when kids are back to school and we can finally go. We know where we want to go, just need time and the location to be open to go.
  • Take Leah go-karting – At Christmas in 2018 we came across a fantastic karting location in Lancashire, we’ve enjoyed a couple of trips there but sadly Leah’s always had to miss out due to her age. Now she’s 8, she can drive a kart but again it’s been closed! We are hopeful during the summer holidays it’ll reopen and we can finally get her a karting trip.
  • Take the kids to Legoland Birmingham – This has always remained a planned summer holiday trip but sadly the location is closed due to lockdown. We are hopeful it’ll open soon but we shall wait a bit longer for queues to reduce so may push this trip back until October half term.
  • Go to a new National Trust Property – Since Lockdown has been somewhat lifted and we are adjusting to our “new normal” we still plan to visit a new National Trust property BUT tickets for entry are like Goldust. We hope to visit a National Trust property before the summer is over if it will be a new site time will tell.

What we are moving to 2021

  • Holiday with friends – It’s a toss-up if this should be placed in the 2021 section or to be put in the “plan to complete in 2020” section. You see our Easter holiday for 2020 was cancelled so we rescheduled it for Easter 2021 but we’d still like to try and arrange a mini holiday before 2020 ends. It’ll be a nice surprise if we get it arranged.
  • Buy a Tropical Fish Tank – After careful consideration, I’m preparing to let this go completely rather than shifting it completely over to 2021. I actually don’t think we can fit this into our house at all. Instead, we bought 2 new goldfish for the kitchen tank.
  • Enter Lewis into more archery competitions – I doubt this years archery season will take off again, outdoor season or indoor season. Instead, Lewis will put all his efforts into practising and building up for 2021.
  • Go on holiday abroad – The thoughts of boarding an aeroplane, flying to an abroad country or even driving abroad really does not appeal to me this year what so ever. For that reason, I’m happy to put this on hold for a good 12 months.
  • Have a birthday party for Lewis – Sad news but Lewis has had to miss out on his birthday party for this year due to Lockdown. Maybe we will plan a small party later in the year but I reckon it’ll stay on hold until next year now.
  • See Sam pass his CBT and bike test – Due to an accumulation of lockdown, costings, timings etc we’ve had to put Sams CBT on hold for 2020. He still dreams of owning his own motorbike so hopefully, this will return for 2021.

So there you have it, our 2020 Bucket List Update and what a year! Lots put on hold but it’ll be nice to see some of the 2020 plans still be completed.

Keep an eye out on my social media feeds, especially Instagram throughout the year to see how we’re getting on with our annual bucket list.

Do you have a bucket list 2020? How are you getting on with it?

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