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What We’ve Been Up To : May 2020

Welcome back to another monthly round up. Despite the situation the world is facing right now it still feels like the year is just slipping by.

Rather linked to our Lockdown Diary we are still living life with limited or no contact with other people except for those who we live with. We have had another month of very limited outings, not visiting any public places (due to them all being closed) and not venturing very far at all from home. It’s been a pretty sorry affair and has left me feeling rather rubbish.

As I mentioned last month I am struggling with my motivation, this is now moving onto frustration and leaving me at times feeling rather tearful. I’m missing seeing friends I would usually see in town, in the schoolyard or meeting up with them on days out and I am desperate to see my family who I haven’t seen since the end of February.

So here we are;

What We’ve Been Up To May 2020


Let’s start with my monthly Coronavirus update, I’m hoping that in times these will prove to be a memory and show how months went by with progress to allow us to return to a normal life. Since last month our toughest measures have started to relax a little bit, taking small steps into a recovery.

  • Social distancing, we were unable to go within 2m of another human being who doesn’t live in your household. This measure still exists and I am sure it will do for a long time to come yet!
  • We are beginning to be able to meet with other people from other households. As of the end of May, 1 person was able to meet up with another person in an open space for exercise.
  • We are now allowed to travel for exercise such as nearby parks, woodlands and other local hotspots. Due to the exceptionally nice weather we are experiencing this year local hotspots such as beaches and parks have been inundated with visitors.
  • A level of sports has reopened to the public, golf courses have reopened their doors and we look forward to returning to archery when our club opens again. We are also anxiously awaiting news of the return of Formula 1 whilst millions of others are waiting to hear about other sports such as football etc.
  • Millions of the countries workers couldn’t go to work. A lot could work from home but a majority of the country had to be furloughed as they couldn’t work from home. As of the end of May, this was still in place but it’s hoped that people can begin returning to work from early to mid-June.
  • May’s new moto was to stay alert and stay safe. Outings for essential household items and once-daily exercise was relaxed, we are now able to leave the house numerous times a day.
  • Non-essential businesses still had the doors closed. Government grants issued at the beginning of lockdown for businesses are starting to dry up and there is the beginning panic of a recession as finances will be tight for households in the future.
  • Panic buying seems to now be over, stores have plenty of supply of toilet rolls, eggs, pasta and other household essentials. Flour at the time still seems to be an issue but I’m confident it will get better in the near future. Queues for supermarket entry have shortened and people are adhering to the 2-meter rule in stores quite well.
  • Schools remain closed for all students except for the vulnerable and children of key workers. Children were instead taught at home by parents, using methods found online and daily homework provided from schools.

This is a brief outline of what we’ve been having to live with during May 2020. The death rate of the virus has lessened very well and the infection rate also seems to be declining although rather slowly.

Days Out

We are still going through a rather dry spell when it comes to days out, although now we can travel for exercise I really don’t want to venture too far from home as cafes and public restrooms are still closed.

We have enjoyed outings to local sites such as a local nature reserve and a walk by the River Severn through countryside near Ironbridge. At all times we have kept well away from people opting for the quieter sides to our outings and keeping well away from hotspots.

Lewis and Leah visiting Aqualate Nature Reserve - May 2020

I am still finding my trips to the supermarket rather exciting as a means of escape and some time to myself!


After a long 6 weeks from Archery, Lewis and I have managed to pick up our bows up again thanks to my annoyance and impulse purchase of a target which now sits in the garage. We now shoot 3-4 times a week currently and are enjoying building our strength back up again. We are hopeful in the coming week or two we will be able to get back to the archery field now that conditions have relaxed and that there are plans in place from Archery GB to allow shooting again.

Chicken Update

After finishing off building Cluckingham Palace I received a call from Staffordshire Chickens letting us know that the new hens had come back in stock ready for rehoming. Introducing (left to right) Nugget, Roastie and Fillet.

We now have 5 hens and finished off May 2020 with Nugget laying her first eggs!

Eggs from Nugget


Unfortunately, our social lives continue to take a hammering, I am spending a vast majority of the day hidden at home with the kids keeping safe. We make daily phone calls to my parents but other than that we don’t really speak to anyone else at the moment. We are hopeful that mid-June we get to visit my family with the new relaxation of lockdown.

Thankfully we still remain well as a family. We continue with our annual suffering thanks to the dreaded hayfever but all in all we are improving.

Want to find out what we’ve been up to in previous months, read our what we’ve been up to posts here.

Well thats all I have for May 2020.

Stay safe and thank you for reading


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  1. Elaine Fitzpatrick

    7th June 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Yes certainly strange times. Love your chickens- a friend has had some for ages and wouldn’t be without

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