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The Lockdown Diary – Chapter 3

Welcome back to our lockdown diary chapter 3, I am sorry it’s taken such a long time to come back to this, it’s been a very busy time for us. At the time of writing this blog post, we are on the 1st June 2020 and recently some restrictions on our lockdown were eased these have been met with mixed emotions nationally. Somethings I haven’t felt comfortable with but I just avoid those certain aspects of life until I can be sure that numbers released by the government don’t show an increase before I take my next steps.

Here’s what we’ve recently been up to;

Lockdown Diary Chapter 3

School Work

I won’t deny that school work and getting the kids to work has become TOUGH! Trying to keep on top of school work is playing away at my mind constantly, it’s exhausting as I am by no means a teacher and at times it’s reduced me to tears!

Also, our Dry Cleaning business is requiring more and more from us all, we are spending numerous hours in the shop each week, my husband more than myself but it’s all adding up and demanding more from us on a weekly basis. Here’s how our “homeschooling” is panning out currently;

Monday: In the morning the kids are in the shop with me whilst Sam is on deliveries. I print the kid’s school work to take with us but they are heavily distracted, disturbing each other and just unable to concentrate. They hide out upstairs in the premises and I work downstairs so I can’t monitor them correctly so they tend to just play instead. By the time the afternoon arrives and we are back home they are then too fidgety to settle to work so the days pretty much written off.

Tuesday: Another day rather distracted with work requirements as Sam and I both work from 12pm onwards. Deliveries again happen that day but locally so Lewis tends to go with whoever is in the van, Leah stays in the shop. Again no school work is completed as “it’s unfair when Lewis isn’t doing his schoolwork either as he is in the van”. By the time we get home in the afternoon, we are bordering on tea time and the day is gone.

Wednesday: Home Day! WHOOP! Unfortunately from being out of sync from schoolwork, the kids are practically dragged through their tasks. It can be an utter nightmare getting them to concentrate again.

Thursday: Sam is home as the shop is closed, we like to keep today as our home day. The kids much prefer home lessons with their Dad (as he gives the answers!). But unfortunately (and possibly from this week) we are about to loose having Sam home for the day due to increasing demand of the shop. So today’s homeschooling tasks will be left to me. But we will see.

Friday: By this point we are relatively flawless in our homeschooling, usually having a fantastic day. Which is typical, just in time for the weekend!

All in all our home school dynamic is so far from fantastic, I’m struggling to educate the kids but at least the school work helps keep their minds ticking over to some degree.

Return To School

As time currently stands we have now entered the final part of the school year and today schools were opened back up to a select number of year groups. At the moment this only includes primary schools for Reception, Years 1 and 6. Some areas of the country have decided to leave the schools closed a while longer, some schools have opened the doors and allowed schools to return. Each area and local authority have been allowed to make their own decision based on case numbers in the local areas. Our local area in Telford & Wrekin it has been decided that a phased return to school has been opted for, meaning that my son (in year 6) should be returning to school from next Monday (8th June).

At this moment in time, I am happy to let Lewis return to school, he is excited to return to see his friends and finish off his primary school education. He is also in a Junior School so he will be the only year returning to school.


Recently the level of exclusion from contact has decreased across the nation, people are beginning to be allowed to meet up with friends for exercise but the 2-meter social distancing should remain. From today though, friends and families are allowed to meet up again, whether that be in public spaces or on private land so long as contact takes place outside and at a safe level of social distancing.

As yet we haven’t seen any family or friends unless out walking. Last week we had a social distance walk with my Mother In Law which was nice, we’ve passed a friends house and bumped into another friend on a walk but other than that we’ve not seen anyone!

In a fortnight, we plan to visit my family in Lancashire for my sons birthday, so long as the weather is nice and we can sit outside this will go ahead. But it all depends on the weather and countries level of contact at the time.

Other Activities

With lockdown reducing we have been able to get out a little bit more. We haven’t ventured far but when we have we’ve really enjoyed or time. We have kept up our local walking in town, enjoying seeing the spring wildlife arrivals. We also took a walk around a local nature reserve a short drive away and a walk by the River Severn over in Buildwas.

Our visit to Aqualate Nature Reserve, Newport, Shropshire. Lockdown Diary Chapter 3

Apart from that, we’ve opted to stay safe at home, enjoying playing games, having time in the hot tub, watching films, welcoming new chicken arrivals to our flock (more about that in our what we got up to May 2020 update) and setting up a small archery range in the garage and returning to shooting.

Keeping Spirits High

Really I should just rename his heading “keeping sane”. My spirits have been massively ebbing away of late. I’ve been struggling to help the kids with their school work, struggling to keep happy for them and for my household. I don’t go anywhere because I’d rather stay home and stay safe so I opt to just hide. Then on top of that I’ve been having problems with my levels of energy, possibly all linked mentally but I’ve hit a huge stumbling block of – I really cannot be arsed!

My positivity seems to have got up and left the building and I am just living fighting to keep my family and household safe. There doesn’t seem to be anything more to me anymore.

I know it’s just a phase and I’ll get through it I always do. But with so many unknown levels of play to life right now it’s hard to know what to do for the best.

How are you all coping through this latest phase? What have you been doing to keep spirits high? Let’s discuss it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading our lockdown diary chapter 3.


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