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Lewis: You Are Now 11

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t written Lewis a birthday blog post, his birthday was on the 13th of June. I’m rather late. In fact, it’s since come to my attention that I haven’t written him one of these posts since he was 7! This was mainly due to taking a huge blogging break but then I didn’t write him one last year when I was blogging.


So lets begin,


We cannot believe you are now 11 years old, the years have just rolled by since you were brought into our lives and you really do make our lives simple. You rarely contradict anything we say, open to trying new things and don’t get upset/angry if things don’t go your way. You shrug off issues, brush yourself down and will happily try again. You meet everything in your life with a huge smile (except lockdown, more about that later).

Last time I wrote one of these letters you were 7 years old, s, we are all due a massive update, and when I say massive I mean massive. First, let’s address your manic growth, now aged 11 you a whopping 5ft9.5inch tall! It’s official, you are exactly the same height as me and very quickly catching up to your Dad. We fully expect Daddy to be shorter than you before the summer is out. Lets also not forgetting your size 10 flippers (feet), you and Daddy can now share shoes and mine are now too small for you. We are currently praying your growth slows down soon, it’ll be hard to shop for you soon otherwise!

Lewis and Leah back in May

You are in your final year at Junior School and are currently looking forward to the adventures that secondary school brings your way. Daddy and I are very confident you will adapt to the changes that secondary school brings with ease and you will easily gain a fantastic group of friends. You are a respectful young man, your teachers will be pleased with you and we hope your studies will continue to work well for you. We just hope that life soon returns to normal with this awful Coronavirus which is putting a dampener on your final year at school so you can go into your new school full of hope.

Unfortunately, you haven’t taken to lockdown too well, you have dreadfully missed school, your teachers, your friends and routine. Thankfully you went back to school 2 days before your birthday and still really enjoying it now. Your not even phased that your sister has been left behind at home, you’re just loving the routine again! Something tells me you will never ask for time off school again, that’s for sure!

From your 8th Birthday, you were introduced to archery and you absolutely love it, you have big plans for your future with this sport. You were introduced to soft archery at your old primary school before we moved town and you were eager to try really archery as a result. Since then you have had a real bow in your hand and loved training. Your old teacher is very proud and loves having regular updates that I share via Facebook/Instagram. We are all very proud of your archery achievements, you are currently county junior indoor champion in the under 12s category in Shropshire and finished 4th overall in the UK Indoor Nationals too and you frequently represent Shropshire and West Midlands in inter-county competitions too. You are loving the sport and we are hoping it will continue for a lot longer.

Lewis you are now 11, practising archery
Lewis practising archery

You still have a good concept of what’s going on in the world around you, this year we have been plagued with the Coronavirus and the country was put into lockdown. It’s been a very difficult time for us all but you have taken it in your stride and coped very well. You still enjoy watching News-round but your watching needs have increased slightly to Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney + and YouTube. I can be a bit tight when it comes to your viewing times though as I only let you have YouTube at weekends or during extreme good behaviour as a treat.

This year for your Birthday it was a rather quiet affair, for the first time since starting school you haven’t had a birthday party due to the Coronavirus. Thankfully you accepted this issue and we hope to arrange a small gathering with your friends later in the year as a belated party. Instead, we had a small birthday at home, with presents, your choice in birthday tea and a visit from Nanny in the back garden.

Thankfully on the Sunday we were able to visit your Nanna and Grandad in Lancashire, we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ lunch in their garden, played with your new Technic remote control car and had a lovely visit before heading back home. It was nice to see family again as we hadn’t seen anyone since February before Lockdown happened.

You are truly growing to be a wonderful young man, respectful and kind to everyone around you. We adore your achievements and the person you have become. We wish your another wonderful 12 months and just remember, be patient, good things are coming your way beautiful boy.

Lots of Love

Mummy, Daddy and Leah xxx

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