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How To Raise An Optimistic Child

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Optimism is the positive anticipation of the future. It’s the confidence we need to take chances and experience new things, even if there are hurdles in the way. This is so valuable for children, who are constantly faced with new challenges as they grow up. Particularly as they start to become more independent. Parents can help to raise an optimistic child, as discussed below by a girls’ independent school in West London.

Raising an optimistic child

One of the best things that parents can do to help inspire optimism within their children is to establish an upbeat, happy environment within the family home. Essentially, if you are enthusiastic yourself, your child is more likely to adopt the same point of view. Try and express a “can-do” approach to challenges. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things aren’t necessarily going the way you want them to. Your child needs to understand that life is a journey of ups and downs. We learn from our missteps, which are sure to happen every once in a while.

How to raise an optimistic child - Child running with kite

Allow your child to experience that feeling of achievement as much as you can by establishing some realistic goals. It could be something as straightforward as making their bed every morning for a week or setting the table before dinner. But the feeling of pride that will wash over them when they realise they can do whatever they put their mind to. This will help them to become more optimistic and self-assured when it comes to their abilities.

You should also try and help your child put their problems into perspective. Sometimes what seems like a catastrophe to them is actually not that big a deal when compared with other people’s sufferings. This will help them deal with any issues they’re faced with and appreciate what they have. One way to help your child understand how to put things into perspective is to encourage them to get involved. For example; in the community, by doing some charity or volunteer work.

In essence, the idea is to help your child concentrate on all of the positive aspects of their life so that they can feel excited about the future. If they can acknowledge all of the things they are capable of, on both a physical and mental level, they will have the self-confidence they need to live a joyful and accomplished life.

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