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Dealing With Back To School Blues

As any parent knows, getting your child back into the school routine after the summer holidays can be tough. After months in lockdown, returning to school will be even more of a challenge for children. Many of whom have become used to late nights and lie-ins. Of course, lots of kids will be excited to return to normal and see their friends again, but many will struggle with the readjustment. Here’s some advice to help with the ‘back to school blues’ from an independent school in New York

Help beat those back to school blues

  • Once you know a date for when your kids will return to school, try and encourage them to get back into a healthy sleeping pattern a week or two before so that they get used to the early starts. If you don’t your child will struggle to concentrate and stay alert during lessons.
Back to school
  • Make sure your youngster knows that you are there for them to talk to if they have any concerns about going back to school. They might be worried about a bully or a subject they were struggling with before lockdown. So try and set aside some time to have a catch-up just the two of you.
  • Assure your child that just because they’re going back to school doesn’t meant the fun or family time has to end. Perhaps you can arrange a fun activity for a few months’ time so that they have something to look forward to.
  • Always use enthusiastic language when talking to your kids about school. This will help establish a positive attitude towards learning. Even if you didn’t enjoy school when you were a kid. It’s important that your child isn’t brainwashed into thinking it’s going to be boring or anything to worry about. 
  • Help your child get excited about school by buying them a new pencil case and some new stationery. Perhaps even a new school bag. They will be eager to use their new things and therefore more positive about returning to school.

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