What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : April 2020

I am really sorry for the late update. Finding the motivation to write at the moment is incredibly hard and to be honest I’m enjoying spending time with the kids more, helping them study, keeping them safe and loved. In the meantime my blog is taking a back step whilst I concentrate on my family around me.

But that said, whilst I have a couple of hours peace and quiet (thanks to Sam taking the kids “social distance” fishing for a couple of hours) I thought I’d drop by and let you know how we are getting on.

So here we are, what we got up to in April 2020.


Let’s start with the more pressing subject rocking our world right now, Coronavirus. We have spent the whole month in Lockdown and April brought about the toughest of the measures.

  • Social distancing, we were unable to go within 2m of another human being who doesn’t live in your household.
  • Millions of the countries workers couldn’t go to work. A lot could work from home but a majority of the country had to be furloughed as they couldn’t work from home.
  • We were advised to stay at home. But we were allowed to go our for essentials and a short daily exercise.
  • Non-essential businesses closed their doors, and some may never reopen due to the loss in trade and financially not being able to cope.
  • Panic buying in supermarkets was especially rife at the beginning of the month as people wanted to stock up on loo rolls, pasta and other long-lasting cupboard essentials. Thankfully everything returned to normal during the course of the month. Except for flour and self-raising flour as the country has turned to baking.
  • Schools closed their doors for all students except for the vulnerable and children of key workers. Children were instead taught at home by parents, using methods found online and daily homework provided from schools.

This is a brief outline of what we’ve been having to live with, we are led to believe as of the end of April 2020 the virus death rate is lessening and that we have travelled over its “peak”. We hope during May this trend continues and that lockdown restrictions can be lowered to a safe level. But I’ll keep you updated in the next instalment.

Days Out

Because of lockdown days out naturally didn’t occur, the most excitement we get from days out at the moment is a trip to the supermarket and that’s thwart with worries on keeping clean and safe. So other outings involve lots of walking and bike riding. We’ve certainly enjoyed our local town more these past few weeks and its neighbouring countryside.

On one of our walks, I decided to set the kids a task of creating a history of our local town poster. The kids were each given one of my cameras and we headed out on our walk. They had so much fun taking photos whilst I told them about various old buildings in our town. Before descending onto the canal for a wildlife photography session.

Kids doing photography April 2020
Kids doing photography

For other updates on what we’ve been up to during lockdown take a look at our Lockdown Diaries.


Another lockdown birthday occurred this month, mine. We had a lovely day at home and spent the majority of the day playing computer games with the kids. We didn’t get outside in the garden as the 18th April 2020 brought about the only day in April where it rained, typical! The evening we enjoyed a lovely Indian takeaway, sampled majority of my new gins and spent the evening with my family (within my household!).

Birthday Gifts April 2020
Birthday Gifts


I hope that April will be the only month in a very long time that I am unable to shoot. Due to lockdown our Archery field was closed to all members and with having no shooting facilities at home there was no practising. This has caused some concern for Lewis’s fitness as archery really is the only sport he likes to partake in. We’ve been doing frequent exercises with stretchy bands but the bow has mostly laid redundant.

Chicken Update

We finally finished building the new chicken shed!! Introducing Cluckingham Palace! The shed is perfect for our girls, with a up high nesting box and sleeping quarters that the girls adore. Meanwhile downstairs is a living quarter so the girls can shelter from nasty weather. By the nesting box is our chicken paraphernalia storage area consisting of bedding, sawdust, foods and medicines.

Do you like the sign that Emma sent us from Farmers Wife and Mummy?


Most important at this time, whilst we are trying to hide away from Coronavirus, is our own health. As we are on lockdown our mental health, in general, takes a bit of a knocking. Our social lives are virtually non-existent for face-to-face meetups but thankfully the power of social media and video calling has been a god-send.

Thankfully we as a family have remained well, the only health issue we have is the seasonal hayfever which has been great fun due to having local rapeseed fields and hundreds of trees which line the canal that we use for some of our walking routes. These have caused numerous headaches, sneezing fits and generally rubbishness. Thankfully a healthy supply of anti-histamines have helped massively.

Well thats all I have for April 2020.

Stay safe and thank you for reading


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