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My Personalised Case – Review

**This is a gifted review.

Lewis is prone to dropping his mobile phone, frequently going through screen protectors or damages plastic shells on cases. He desperately needs something a bit more robust. Thankfully My Personalised Case came to our rescue at a good time.

In September Lewis starts secondary school. He will be walking to and from school most days alone so will have his mobile phone with him for safety. This means his phone will be out of the house more, in his care and probably fall to the ground more times than it will be in his hand. With the help of a new case, I am confident that his phone will survive for some time to come.

With the added bonus of any personalised phone cases, I knew Lewis would love to spend time and get busy designing his own case and having a unique design to his taste.

Ordering from My Personalised Case

For our review, I was offered the choice to review a case from their range. Operating the webpage was simple. First up I needed to choose the phone we have using the step-by-step guide. Then it listed the cases that were available for the phone. From here I discovered numerous iPhone 8 personalised cases for my Sons phone. He chose the wood case as it would look great with his choice of photos and suited his style. Next up, Lewis got to work designing his new case with various images from our trip to Barcelona earlier this year. With his design set, it was simply a case of ordering and waiting for delivery.

Ordering screen with My Personalised Case

The case was made and shipped out rather quickly. It then took 2 weeks for our parcel to arrive with the option used for standard shipping. But given that the parcel was shipped during the Coronavirus pandemic the arrival seemed pretty swift.

Our Thoughts

The case arrived well packaged in a bubble envelope and sealed within another bag inside. It was well protected and arrived in perfect condition. We were very excited to see the end result of our images printed on the case. As this is a wood effect case we knew the image quality would be slightly affected and grainy but we were really pleased with the end result.

Our finished product from My Personalised Case

The case is made of soft rubber sides which protect your phone from knocks and bangs and fits snuggly around your phone. I found it best to put the phone in from the bottom of the case and then press the phone into place at the top. The case is finished off with a wooden back printed with your chosen design in place.

Phone in its case

Overall the pricing for this case is £23.99. I feel this is rather fair pricing for the quality and finishing of the case. It is secure, protects well and looks great.

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**Lewis was gifted a new phone case from My Personalised Case to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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