I Have Chickens What Can I Give Them As Treats?

Now you have your chickens and you’ve bought all the essentials which we discussed previously. But you want to give your chicken treats alongside their layers meal. Here’s what we recommend;

Mixed Corn

Chicken treats - mixed corn

Sunflower Seeds

Mealworms – Living in the UK? It’s actually against all recommendations to feed your chickens dried mealworms. The full reasons behind this are a little sketchy but it is on a recommendation from DEFRA to not feed your chicken’s dried mealworms which are commonly imported. On a lighter note, live mealworms are bred and sold in the UK of which chickens just LOVE! Often sending them into a feeding frenzy. Enjoy!

Vegetables and Salad such as watercress, lettuce and cabbage

Fruit such as Apples, Grapes, Blueberries and Sweetcorn

Giving Chickens treat

Treat Balls

Natural Live Yoghurt – This chicken treats is packed with good bacteria which chickens just love. Whilst it also maintains a healthy crop.

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