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5 Thoughtful Gifts To Help Ease The Boredom Of Lockdown

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Great Gift Ideas For Friends & Family To Ease The Lockdown Blues

There is no denying that we are going through a tough time right now, being stuck indoors for long periods is not good for anyone’s physical and mental health. Many of us have been trying our best at staying occupied, and some of us have even learned a new skill during this time. As with anything, however, too much and it can start to become a bad thing. The weeks and days start to merge into one, and one binged boxset becomes indistinguishable from another all whilst we stare longingly out of the window as the sun glistens in the sky, laying down a blanket of gentle warmth across untouched parks and beauty spots. Regardless of social distancing and lockdown measures, we need to stay connected with one another and help each other through these times. We cannot physically be close, but we can share gifts and send parcels of hope to one another, so here are some great gift ideas to send to friends and family through these testing times.

Pasta Making Kit

If you are thinking of a gift for a food lover, then a pasta making kit is always a great idea as homemade pasta is often overlooked, but when you taste it you will never eat shop-bought pasta again. These kits are great as you can make all manner of pasta varieties from tagliatelle to stuffed gnocchi, plenty to the hands and mind busy during the lockdown. 

Pasta making
Image by Miroro from Pixabay

Grooming Kit

As you will notice as you are stood in the queue for your local supermarket, the barbers are closed so if you are buying a gift for a male friend or relative why not opt for a grooming kit and give them a chance to neaten up at home. This gift will be received with open arms and get even the most reluctant groomer in front of the bathroom mirror, and you may even be the start of a whole new grooming regime.

Gin Selection Subscription

Many of us will be eager to get to a beer garden and soak up the sunshine which we have been blessed with recently, but unfortunately, that is off the cards, for now, so the next best thing? A gin subscription box. These are brilliant, each delivery you will get a selection of different gins, tonics, and botanicals allowing you to create you all your favourites at home. If you are partial to a different tipple, you can find a whole variety of cocktail subscription boxes.

Custom T Shirt

Throughout the lockdown period, people worldwide have made huge efforts to host online events, from quizzes to concerts, and beyond. Resulting from this many of us have formed online communities and to keep this community spirit strong we must have something to unite us and what better than personalised clothing? Picture your group all on the screen in your matching personalised t-shirts! Banana Moon Clothing are the personalised clothing specialists and are your guys when it comes to choosing your personalised clothing.

Ease the boredom of lockdown with personalised clothing as a gift idea.

Quiz Games

To keep your online hangouts fresh and engaging you will always be on the lookout for new activities, so a selection of quiz games would make a perfect gift. There will be something for everyone, from puzzles to trivia quizzes plus more so no matter the audience you know there will be no cries of boredom!

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