What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : March 2020

Well isn’t our current life situation a little interesting right now?! There is so much going on in the world right now even though we may be feeling a little bored and isolated right now. But I’m not here to talk about the present day, I’m hear to talk about what we’ve been up to recently in March 2020.

All the days seem to be blending into one at the moment so please bear with me as I need my diary for a monthly recap and my external hard drive all for reminders on what we got up to.

Days Out

Unfortunately we haven’t been on any days out as such over the past month, this being either the reasons of numerous birthday parties, archery events or Coronavirus/lockdown. March really wasn’t the best month for outings.

Birthday Parties

As mentioned above the kids enjoyed a couple of birthday parties before the big lockdown occurred on the 23rd March. Parties included that of the kids friends, of which both Lewis and Leah attended a couple of parties each in March. Thankfully a majority of parties took place before the lockdown occurred. 1 party has had to be postponed which was for a joint christening and 1st Birthday which would have been for my god-daughter. We are looking forward to rearranging the event when social gatherings can take place again in the future.

There is 1 party that I haven’t mentioned yet, but I will do in a moment.


Finishing off the indoor season of archery, Lewis shot a competition at the beginning of March for the county indoors. Finishing in 1st place in his age category he was incredibly proud of his achievements after a winter in training. Sadly now though as of later in March all archery ground to a halt and Lewis hasn’t been able to shoot since. The outdoor season has effectively begun and all outdoor competitions have been cancelled for this year for the foreseeable future.

Lewis stood by a boss at archery with his gold medal
Lewis stood by a boss at archery with his gold medal

We are hoping archery will continue soon, but only when the time is right and safe.

World Book Day

Do you remember when the kids were in school? It seems such a long time ago now. But cast your mind back to the beginning of March (if you can). The countries schools celebrated World Book Day, for Lewis and Leah they love this dressing up day. Choosing to go to school as one of their favourite book characters of late.

The Kids dressed up for World Book Day March 2020
The Kids dressed up for World Book Day March 2020

Recently, Leah has been loving reading Matilda and following it up by watching the film. Meanwhile, Lewis has discovered the Stitch Head series by Guy Bass.

Someone Had A Birthday

Finishing off March 2020 with a bit of a high, Leah turned 8. Unfortunately she turned 8 on the day the full UK lockdown was announced. Majority of the countries attractions had already closed over the weekend so we didn’t really have anywhere to go to make her day special (not that we wanted to risk going anywhere either). We opted to stay safe and stay at home for Leah’s Birthday. Thankfully the week before her birthday Sam and I shopped for Leah’s birthday gifts, opting to gift her a new trampoline as our old one was getting incredibly worn and tatty. The new trampoline couldn’t have come at a better time!

Leah opening her Birthday Presents
Leah opening her Birthday Presents

A couple of weeks before Leah’s Birthday a close friend of hers at school celebrated her 8th Birthday. As a treat for the girls, we hosted a joint 8th Birthday Party for the pair, taking place 3 weeks before her actual birthday. Talk about good timing, the party took place only days before the threat of Coronavirus threatened to rock the country and changing the world as we once knew. The girls had a great party. We booked Leah’s birthday with Nick from Daddy Disco who did a superb job at entertaining all the kids, they loved it.

Leah and her friend enjoying their birthday party
Leah and her friend enjoying their birthday party

Chicken Update

As yet we haven’t made any further progress with the new chicken shed due to weather implications, coronavirus, impending birthday’s and lack of funds. But we should be making significant progress in April due to lockdown, having a lack of things to do and all the materials we require for completing the job have been ordered from our local wood yard.

ECG Results

We FINALLY have some ECG results, there has been discovered a missing beat which then returns with a hard beat of my heart (formally known as an ectopic beat). This has been informed to me by my doctor as something which is common, usually caused by stress. At the time of my ECG being taken my stress level was rather low. Recently though, it’s skyrocketed and my palpitations have returned with a vengeance. But there is very little a doctor can do, but having being told it’s not risky or dangerous I am trying to keep calm as much as possible.

Well thats all I have for March 2020.

Stay safe and thank you for reading


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