The Lockdown Diary – Chapter 2

Welcome back to our Lockdown Diary Chapter 2. At the time of writing this blog post, it is now Wednesday 22nd April 2020, the first day of “school” following the Easter Break. The Easter Break should have been a time for outings, adventures, seeing friends and most importantly enjoying our holiday. Instead, we were at home, playing games, watching films and eating WAY too much chocolate. It didn’t really feel like the school holidays at.

Lockdown Diary Chapter 2

School Work

Even though it was the “school holidays” the kids would still happily work on some school tasks which were previously set that they didn’t complete. They would also frequently dip into their CGP textbooks which I’d purchased just prior to lockdown. It gave the kids a change in rhythm and wasn’t overly structured so it was relaxing for them too.

Now though with the arrival of a new school term I know I’m going to be facing a couple of days trying to get the kids re-engaged with their schoolwork again. Reintroducing what was a rough structure of “home learning” using our daily planner and getting the kids to lock back into their studies.

On Monday for example, I had to take the kids to work with me. I printed off their school work, packed their bags and off we went. I set the kids up on desks upstairs whilst I worked downstairs (there were only myself and the kids in the building). They spent so much time messing around, not engaging and as a result, Leah got at least 75% of her work incorrect because she wasn’t focusing. This was her cue lots of tears, not wanting to work out how she went wrong and the inevitable refusal to work that soon followed. Lewis also struggled through distractions but has managed to catch up somewhat this afternoon.

Now we are on Wednesday morning, currently, I am sat at the dining table blogging. Lewis is sat in front of me working on his maths whilst Leah is in the living-room working on some descriptive writing about her teddies coming alive at night. Still, the kids are struggling to concentrate and really engage with their studies but they appear to be much better than Monday and yesterday. I think when I say this most parents will agree that kids really need their school surroundings to be able to engage with their learning so much more than their home surroundings. But we will all try our best.

Lewis homeschooling during Lockdown diary chapter 2


We still remain at a low level for contact, the children are barely hearing from relatives even by telephone which is sad. But sadly this is the dynamic way our family dynamic works. But they are making more contact with class friends through video calling or playing Fortnite via audio wifi call which both kids are really enjoying.

Over the past couple of days the kids have had a bit of contact with our neighbours over the garden fence. We took some old shoes of Leah’s round to her school friends so we had a quick chat (from a safe distance) and called round to another friends to say hi (again from a safe distance) whilst on the way home. We are also looking forward to a couple of quiz nights coming up which will take place via Zoom and also an archery training evening.

Keeping Spirits High

As a whole, our spirits are still relatively high. My anxieties have lessened as we have established our new way of life and maintaining a high level of safety in protection against Covid-19, it’s now just part of our day-to-day life. Next up I just need to find a supply of hand sanitizer as our supply is relatively low now.

A fortnight ago Lewis was struggling with this new life, he was sad to be missing school, his teachers, his friends and his normal life. He’d cry, look completely deflated and be rather downbeat. We spent a lot of time talking, cuddling and working our way through this big change for him. Thankfully after a couple of days, he seems to feel a bit more comfortable with this new routine and seems at ease now with how life is. Although something tells me he will never ask for time off school ever again!

In the meantime, we’ve had a slight distraction from the perils of lockdown. It was my birthday on Saturday and I wanted the day to be nice for me but more so for the kids. I wanted them to feel like it was a normal day so we had a lovely birthday breakfast, a walk whilst Sam was at work and a Indian takeaway for tea. During our walk the kids took a remote control car to play with and also their scooters which provided a perfect distraction for us all.

My birthday during lockdown diary chapter 2


The kids have been keeping rather busy with various activities, still making the most of the lovely weather they have enjoyed the new trampoline, hot tub and numerous walks in the countryside surrounding our town (much to the delight of my hayfever!). We’ve also managed to finish building the new chicken shed which kept the kids entertained for 3 days helping Sam with various building tasks, chopping wood and helping with the overall construction. Meanwhile inside the house activities consist of our new found addiction to Animal Crossing, endless games of Fortnite, video calls, board games, movies (thank you Disney+) and arts and crafts.

The kids are also still responding well to our Monopoly Shop, completing daily tasks, earning money to spend on treats and snacks throughout the day.

The Business

Following on from reducing the shop opening hours to 12 hours a week this seems to have been met wonderfully with our towns residents. During our opening hours we have a steady but much lower amount of customers, we are still getting work through the door which is a relief! We frequently work more hours that what we are open but during those hours we can work in peace getting a majority of jobs completed before/after opening hours. It’s working as an ideal balance.

We managed to claim our small business grant which was paid this morning (HURRAH!) and is going to give us much relief from the immediate stresses we are facing keeping our business afloat during the lockdown, But we shall ever be thankful we can remain open and operational.

How are you all coping through lockdown? Lets discuss it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading our lockdown diary chapter 2.


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