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Leah : You Are Now 8

Leah you are now 8 has been sat in my drafts box for WAY too long. Initially planned to post this the day after Leah’s birthday on the 23rd March but lives across the country drastically changed with the announcement of a lockdown. This post laid forgotten about in my drafts whilst we acclimatised to our new lives.

Another year and another Birthday, in the flash of my eyes my youngest child is now 8 years old! What a difference this years birthday was in comparison to your previous birthdays. This year we celebrated only as a family of 4 whilst social lives have been halted on many levels due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Not a way to be celebrating a young Child’s Birthday but we did our best.

Letter To Leah

Dear Leah,

Today you turned 8 years old and it really wasn’t the most exciting of days but we did as much as we could. Your birthday celebrations started a little bit earlier this year, as yesterday Daddy needed to do some work in the garden which included building your new trampoline. Which you loved!

Leah you are now 8, posing on your new trampoline
Leah, you are now 8, posing on your new trampoline – Please note the trampoline was only half-built here. It has been fully equipped with a safety net, skirt and ladders.

Today has been a “playing games” kind of day, enjoying your birthday gifts, playing the in the garden with a quick bike ride to boot. We finished off the day with a lovely family meal and the birthday cake you chose from the shops.

Leah with one of her birthday gifts
Leah with one of her birthday gifts

Unfortunately, school is closed to the whole of the UK at the moment due to the Coronavirus so you haven’t been able to celebrate your birthday with your friends. We had a massive bag of sweets for you to take in and share but we are hopeful schools will return before the summer break. You plan to save your sweets and take them in later in the year.

One HUGE positive you have taken away from your birthday was that we had your birthday party a fortnight ago. You had a joint birthday party with Ella and thankfully this happened shortly before social gatherings where stopped. You both had a fantastic party with lots of dancing, performing and sweets. Your best friend Sydney came over as per usual for a sleepover and you all had a fantastic time. Had we have had your party when originally planned for your actual Birthday you sadly wouldn’t have had your party at all!

Leah you are now 8 - Birthday Party.
Leah’s joint Birthday Party with her friend Ella

All in all, you have had a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday, Leah.


Life Update

In September, Leah started at the towns Junior School as she progressed from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. She has now joined her brother of which she spends various times a day playing with him and his friends.

The Junior School really has opened her eyes to the world, encouraged to act that little bit older Leah with various responsibilities she is blossoming to into a young woman. Earlier this year Leah attended Young Voices, where she sang as part of a choir of around 6000 children. It was a fantastic evening.

Leah also attended her first residential trip with her Infant School, one night away at a local adventure place. Sadly, it doesn’t look like this year’s trip is happening due to the virus.

Being 8, Leah is now old enough to begin her archery journey, if she so wishes. We have booked her onto a beginners course but it has been delayed due to Coronavirus. As soon as it allows, Leah will be starting her course and will no doubt shoot with us in practice.

As for her eating habits, Leah has Sensory Processing Disorder. I detailed a lot of her eating habits in last years blog post, Leah: You Are Now 7. Not much has changed this past 12 months, except for her cake intake. Last year, Leah would only eat plain sponge cake, this year she loves a good victoria sponge with buttercream and jam filling! Hurrah!

Thank you for reading.

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