What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : February 2020

Ok, I need to admit. I forgot! February was such a weird month, I’m all out of sorts and it’s left me feeling a bit confused and lost. So naturally, I missed the change of a month and now I’m late for sharing out February adventures.

So without further ado, here’s what we got up to in February 2020.

Days Out

HM Prison Shrewsbury

At the beginning of the February Half Term, we took a Sunday morning trip to HM Prison Shrewsbury (nicknamed the Dana Prison). It closed as an established prison back in 2012 and has since opened to the public. We opted for a self-guided tour, opting to keep the kids from too many gruesome stories from the tour. The other tour is hosted by ex-prison officers who worked at HM Prison Shrewsbury, I could imagine some of the tales he’d have for his visitors. I do intend to return for the tour but without the kids.


Around 10 months ago some close friends of ours relocated from our town to Lichfield. So during the half-term, we headed over to visit them. The kids played nicely for a while at their house before we headed out to town for lunch and a wander around Lichfield Cathedral. It was very large and very attractive.


Living in Shropshire I think it’s only fair to give a quick mention to the atrocious weather that Wales experienced through February. This naturally took a knock-on effect through Shropshire and surrounding counties that the River Severn travels through. We experienced some horrific flooding in Ironbridge. We took an evening trip to the Shropshire town to see how much the area was affected and I snapped some images too.


Last but not least, if you’ve read my blog in the past few days you will know that Lewis and I recently visited Barcelona with my Dad. What an exceptional city (not including the pickpocketers!) it is, the scenery, the lives and culture are beautiful. The main reason for our visit was so that we could go to Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya for the F1 Pre Season testing, and what a great day we had.

Pit Road Walkabout – Lewis stood by Lewis Hamiltons car

Chicken Update

Following on from the new fencing, I decided to make some more changes. We’re now getting a new shed which will be half coop and half storage for all the chicken paraphernalia. At the beginning of February 2020 Sam and Lewis got to work building the base and carcass of the new shed. Sadly, the weather didn’t help progression from here with various weekends of wet and miserable weather so we are now working towards the next stage. I hope we get the new coop and storage sorted soon.

The Kids

The kids are doing grand, Leah’s excelling still in her new school as a Junior Schooler. She spent the majority of February enjoying playdates with friends and celebrating various birthdays throughout the month.

Lewis is still making leaps with his archery, shooting new personal best scores and continuing his coaching.

Photo A Day

It didn’t last, I gave up on day 43 (12th February 2020). Remembering to post a photo each day was difficult, especially when I can go a couple of days without actually taking a photo. So it didn’t work out and I don’t mind really.

Also, and I hate complaining about the algorithms of social media out loud. But Instagram’s algorithm reach is appalling. I have over 700 followers but regularly only get a handful or two of likes per post. It’s suffocating, the effort I put in daily for such little in return. So I gave up posting daily.

ECG Results

Sadly, the results of my ECG are STILL outstanding! Slipping slightly into the realms of “March” but the GP has my results back and I’m waiting for my appointment to see my GP in the coming days.

I hope you all had a wonderful February 2020.

Thank you for reading x

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