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The Top 5 Things to Do in Leeds with Kids

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Whether you have arrived for a conference with kids in town, with it being the second most popular conference centre in the north of England, or you have been before and want to go back with the kids to explore. Leeds has more than enough to keep all of you entertained. With countless world-class restaurants, popular attractions, theatres and shopping Oases all in the heart of the city. Which are the best to do with the smaller versions of you, well here’s a list of 5 that will at least get you through one day.

5 Things To Do In Leeds

Escape Hunt, Leeds

This is a destination that can bring life to not only space you wind up in but to the whole city. On-site there are 4 escape games to choose from where you can break out with a Pirate, slice through walls as a Samurai or even sonic screwdriver your way through locks with the Doctor…Who. Outside of the site, there are escape games that can be played across the city, with the integration of augmented reality, the city of Leeds becomes your largest escape room.

Tropical World

It is as it says on the package. They’ve taken the best of the exotic tropical plants the largest collection in the UK, after Kew Gardens. Then placed them inside a temperate climate then packed in a waterfall, a desert house with Meerkat enclosure, a butterfly house and to round it off an amazonian tank (the forest not the company). Entry to the surrounding park is free and then reasonable ticket prices available for Tropical World. Plenty of parking here too as it is a little on the outskirts of the main city, if you need to grab a car in Leeds, then have a look at to compare prices to suit your budget.

An idea of a Tropical setting - not necessarily in Leeds
Photo on Unsplash

Go Ape, Temple Newsam

It’s no good just looking up into the trees, if you want those little monkeys to tire themselves out then you need to get them into there. At Go Ape you can do just that, it’s an adventure park where you can go canopy crossing, free-fall Tarzan swinging and an all-time favourite speedy long zip-lining.

Puttstars, Leeds

If you haven’t got them begging to go home yet then drive them over to Puttstars where you can play one of three 9-hole courses (or play all 3) the holes are brand new and the challenges range from easy hills to loopy loops. After putting try their luck on any one of the skill testers and other amusements on offer.

Carriageworks Theatre

Here’s one that is left till last as it’s the most important. Kids don’t need just entertainment they need a little education on the side as well. This Theatre has and always will provide a wonderful space for kids to enjoy and learn. Go here above anywhere else.

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