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Our Home Plans For During School Closures

It’s no denying, and we have heard it time and time again we are in unprecedented times. It’s been a generation since schools across the country have been closed for any length of time out of the ordinary. The possibility of children being home for a number of weeks or even months is quite daunting for some. Added in with the whole social distancing thing. Attractions being closed, ending the prospect of days out and outings.

With all this in mind, I need to keep the kids entertained. Not letting them waste their hours with back to back YouTube Videos and endless games of Fortnite. It’s time to grab those notebooks parents and plan your children’s days. I find the best thing to have in place is a structured routine. That way your children will know what is expected of their day.

Your school closure routine doesn’t need to be strict. You can fall off the times and even plan special activities if you want to mix it up a bit. But keeping to a routine will help your children relax and be settled with whats going on in the world around them.

I don’t even intend to turn into “teacher”, home-schooling isn’t even going to be an option. I am going to be ensuring the kids are maintaining the skills they have learnt at school, nurturing their brains and educating them in a fun way. Ideally, I want the kids to look back on their time at home and think that I did the best for them. I want them to be grateful for the fun, but also for allowing their brains to stay active too.

Here is a rough idea of how our days are going to look like for the time being;

Our Schedule

This is a brief outline of how our days are going to look for a while. Our topics are not going to be mentally challenging. Our timetable may even change as the kids complete their tasks or we opt for different tasks instead. But at the moment, the kids have had a look and are happy with it, as am I.

A rough idea of our school closure routine.
A rough idea of our school closure routine.

SATs & CGP Work Books

As things currently stand. Lewis’s scheduled year 6 SATs are cancelled and he is due to start secondary school in September. With that in mind, effectively his lessons for the rest of the school year have ended. But I don’t want to let his brain rest too much otherwise he’ll struggle in September. Added to our school closure routine, I am creating my own mini SAT’s. With the help of these CGP books and some practise SATs papers Lewis will still be revising. If there is no sign of the kids going back to school in mid-June he will be taking his revision papers in place of his SATs. This way his mind will stay active.

Home Learning

Home Learning is bits of work the kids are being given from the school. A page or two of activities which their teachers are providing that are going to be uploaded each day to the school’s webpage. I’m going to have to keep my printer topped up with ink to keep up to date with this.

Research Projects

Our own studies are mainly going to be mini-research projects. The kids love researching new and interesting things, recently Leah has researched Guinea Pigs and how to care for them. She shall soon be presenting her findings on a poster. Other topics will include; seasons of the year, our local area, our bodies and how to stay healthy, planets in the solar system, baking and recipes.


If your child is already at school, you may be aware of TTRS (Times Tables Rockstars). You complete times tables equations, making your mind more familiar with times tables. It’s now set in the curriculum that your child is to have a good knowledge of times tables. My kids aren’t massive fans of the app but I want them to still use it from time to time. Hence why we are opting for around half-hour a day. This will be around the time I cook their teas, keeping them busy for a short while, whilst I’m busy in the kitchen.

Free Play

I don’t want the kids to be reliant on YouTube and computer games all the time so I’m having elements of the day that are going to be an electronic gadget-free zone. Encouraging them to get their Lego out (we have LOTS of Lego too), rebuilding their kits and playing with them. We have a couple of art sets which I’d purchased for the Easter break, including learning how to cross-stitch and shrink colouring kits from the Pocket Money Crafts range at Hobbycraft.

Other activities will include playing in the garden. For Leah’s birthday, we bought her a new trampoline which couldn’t have come at a better time. Our old trampoline was a tad worse for wear, having been loved for 7 years. So it was time for an upgrade. They have other garden activities such as swingball, scooters and bikes. We also have 2 chickens which the kids adore. There will be much learning taking place on how to care for them, feed them and clean them out.

Lewis is currently unable to attend his archery club due to social distancing. He’s made such a massive improvement over the winter with his archery. So we have planned regular archery fitness sessions, training and the use of small target in the garage for him to shoot at occasionally.

Do you have a school closure routine in place to help yourself and your kids through this period? What’s on your schedule and what special topics are you planning? Share your comments below.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.


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