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Lewis’s Last Day At Junior School – Or Wasn’t It?

If you live in the UK this week has been utter chaos, and you all know what I mean. The Coronavirus has caused countrywide panic, social distancing, recommendations to work from home, panic buying loo roll (just WHY?) and school closures.

Missing The Possible Last Day Of School

On Wednesday this week, we were given the news that schools were to close from Friday. By this point, I’d already made the decision to remove the children from school due to my husband having asthma and with myself already working from home so there was little need for them to be in school. Especially when we discovered that lessons weren’t happening anyway so it was best all round. The kids last day at school was Wednesday.

What I didn’t consider until late Thursday, was Friday could possibly be Lewis’s last day in his school. Being in year 6, we had already established that his SAT’s were cancelled but we didn’t consider the fact he may not return to school for the remainder of the school year. I may also never get a “last day of primary school” photo.

Lewis on his first day at school - we may never get a Lewis's Last Day photo.

It was a tough decision to keep Lewis from school on Friday when there was a last-minute themed “wear something bright” day to cheer the school up. Also, year 6 were invited to bring in a spare polo shirt for friends and teachers to sign. But I stuck by my earlier decision keeping the kids from school.

I am hopeful the country will fight this well, we will recover and the kids will be back at school at some point before the end of the school year.

Now Planning For The Next Step Of Lewis’s Journey

Now Lewis faces the prospect of making the transition to Secondary School with no transition days. I am yet to break this to Lewis as he’s likely to become a little unsettled with this prospect of being thrown into something so big and new without preparation. I can only be grateful we attended all of the open days his secondary school offered. He knows how the school looks, all the classrooms and layout (briefly) but he knows very little of how a school day functions at secondary school.

I can be grateful though that all his current friends from school will be attending his new secondary school with him.

The transition and school day is something I will need to explain to him later in the year when we know for certain what’s happening with regards to schools starting up again or not. But it’s something that will play on my mind until we know more.

Whilst He’s Off School

During this period of school being closed, Lewis is very aware of what’s happening around the world with the virus. He’s not fully aware of the numbers affected (I’m keeping that information from him) but he wants to know what important plans the government is putting in place for everyone’s safety. He’s also very aware of his own personal safety with washing hands, coughing etc.

A conversation we had only the other day was that he was worried about his Birthday Party in June, we were planning an Archery Tag party. We are likely to need to put this on hold for a later date. But he has been told his party will happen, even if it’s later in the year. Our reason for this being we can also use this date for a social gathering when measures are relaxed and he can see his friends again.

Do you have a year 6 child who has just potentially finished their primary school journey? How are you feeling about it all?

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