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How To Prevent Your Closet Getting Messy

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Keeping your closet clean doesn’t need to be difficult. Getting it organised the first time might take several hours, but once that’s done, keeping it organised only takes a few minutes a day. It’s important to thoughtfully organise as you go. Don’t just throw things haphazardly in your closet. It’s about preventing a mess through maintenance.

Maximize Your Space

Many closets are short on space. Three Tomatoes has some good tips on how to maximise your space. By using clear bins on closet shelves, you can see what you have. Buy wire shelving to hang in your closet if you don’t have any. You can buy double racks if your closet is deep enough and store out of season articles or clothes for special occasions on the back rack. Shoe racks are good not just for shoes but also for other accessories.

Closet Organisers

There are so many options out there for closet organisers. There’s even an entire store chain dedicated to organisation containers! (The Container Store, if you’re not aware.) 

Choose the organisers that work best for your closet space and your organisational style. If you prefer to toss things in a basket, then buy baskets that you can label: hats, scarves, gloves, etc. If you like to have things hanging, you can buy hooks or racks. The Spruce has some tips on how to choose the right organisers for you and on how to get your closet organised in the first place.

Getting that closet organized and a mess free zone is vital if you want to enjoy it.
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Maintaining Your Closet

Once you’ve cleared out your closet and purchased organisers that work for you and your clothes, you need to make a commitment to keep your closet organised. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. I can attest to this fact. You spend hours organising it so perfectly that it could be featured in a lifestyle blog. Then you come home from a long day at work and instead of hanging up your jacket, hat, and scarf where they belong, you toss them onto the nearest shelf. Before you know it, your sweaters are piled on the ground and your shoes aren’t even in the closet!

How do you avoid this? As I said before, it’s a commitment. Less than five minutes of work a day will save you hours of work the next time you need to completely reorganise. Every day, no exceptions, everything needs to get put back in its place. This will be even easier when you have fewer items, to begin with! If you have a place for everything, you know where everything goes and can put them there right away.

When you build your wardrobe, choose items that have maximum long-term benefit and minimum waste. Buy items that are well made, even if they’re slightly more expensive. You’ll save money long term by buying one pair of £60 jeans that last 5 years over buying £20 jeans that wear out within a year. You could also consider taking a sewing class so you can learn how to hem and tailor your own clothes and sew on buttons or repair tears.

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