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Exploring STEM Subjects in the Home

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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These four subjects are vital for your child’s development because they help to build up important life skills, such as problem-solving, experimentation and teamwork.

There’s no better time to start exploring STEM subjects than as a child, and parents can help to aid their child’s learning by encouraging fun STEM learning activities at home.

Here are a few examples provided by Hampstead Hill School on how you can explore STEM subjects with your child at home…


Children are curious and love to experiment, ask questions and see how things work. Help to stimulate this curiosity by setting up some science experiments. Don’t panic, you don’t need a laboratory for this exercise; you can set up a safe and fun science experiment in minutes, using simple items you have in your kitchen cupboards!

Child learning STEM subjects at home
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


One of the best ways to teach children about STEM subjects is by getting them outdoors and involving all of their senses. Exploring nature can provide many fun learning opportunities, so try to encourage your child to observe their surroundings, weather and wildlife.


If your son or daughter likes helping in the kitchen, you can easily turn this time into a fun STEM lesson. In fact, cooking is a great way to develop your child’s reading, writing and math skills. Ask your child to read a recipe, write your shopping list and measure out the ingredients. 


There are many lessons to learn through water play and this is a great learning method for younger children. You can experiment with different materials and see which ones sink and which ones float, or what happens to certain materials then they come into contact with water.

If you would like more information about exploring STEM subjects and how you can help your child to study them at home, you can speak to your child’s school or explore the many great resources online.

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