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7 Work-Life Balance Tips For Busy Mums

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If you are a busy mum struggling with finding that work-life balance, here are seven tips for you. 

Plan the night before

Planning is an essential ingredient for a perfect work-life balance. If you plan your day the night before, you will have succeeded in making your mornings less stressful. Try not to leave the dishes till the next morning – have breakfast prepped, and get other things ready the night before. Have your kid’s clothes ready and remember to get their backpacks and lunch ready.

Plan meals ahead

Since a lot of time goes into cooking, it is important to have your meals prepared. Some mums prefer to cook for the week ahead. The most important thing is to find what works for you. Planning your meals is a sure way to achieve work-life balance.

Use of the internet

The internet is truly a powerful tool that can help you maintain your work-life balance if used properly. While the internet can steal away your time because of distractions, it can also help you free up time every day. You can do your shopping online while you dedicate time to doing other important things. You can also work part/full time online, for example, you can work as a virtual assistant, do voice-over tasks, be a proof-reader, online tutor, data entry specialist and more.

Getting the right work-life balance is important - woman sat at a desk away from home working

Delegate the workload 

Learn to delegate work to members of your family. While it is thought that women have 8 arms and can multitask, this is no reason to do everything all by yourself. You need to share the workload with your better half. It is okay to ask for help as you do not need to take the burden of all things on your shoulders. Reach out to people that you know are reliable and willing to share some of the workload at home. Using a planner can be quite beneficial in keeping track of what needs to be done.

Stay connected

Always try to connect with family members and friends. No one is ever too busy to hang out now and then, and if you think that you are too busy, it is time to make time. Try to get in touch with your kids once or twice a day, make video calls and ensure that you know where they are at all times. Your kids must always feel like you are always nearby. Since you are unable to stay at home as much as you would like, staying connected is an option.

Keep work away from home

Never mix your work and home. This is one of the reasons why it may seem like you do not have enough time for yourself. Set the boundaries by never taking your work home and vice versa.

Make some time for yourself

Set aside some time for some ‘me time’ because you have earned it. Make sure that you find time for the things that you love doing. You need both your routine activities because they keep your days ordered and you can achieve your tasks, but you also need to balance that with some personal time. This could be time dedicated to reading a novel or doing other fun activities.

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