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4+1 kid-friendly activities in Athens

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The monumental Acropolis calls for travellers to visit Athens and immerse themselves in a classic and epic past. Will children be able to enjoy the ride along with the grown-ups? Of course! Athens has proposals for everyone to immerse themselves in its fabulous past and get excited about its modern face too. Follow our advice and live an unforgettable family vacation.

Tip: When planning the itinerary with children, tailor-made tours can often help us make some walks in the simplest way. Take a look at the custom tours by Greek TravelTellers and choose the ones that are perfect for your family.


The first recommendation to visit the Acropolis with children is to do it very early. The midday heat makes visiting heavy for adults and can be hell for children. Outside of that, you only have to use your imagination to excite your little ones during the tour. If you use your knowledge of Greek mythology, you can certainly put together a story that will serve as a hook to tour the buildings with enthusiasm. For example, the Parthenon will be the excuse to talk about the wonderful story of Athena, born from the brow of Zeus himself. 

Tip: As for accessibility, although the tour can be done with a cart, it will be more comfortable to use a baby carrier than to move the cart on the stone floor.

A view of Acropolis Greece - Kid friendly activities in Athens.
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay.

Greek Children’s Art Museum

Another essential activity while visiting Athens with children is the Greek Children’s Art Museum which specializes in works of art produced by children between the ages of 5 and 14. It goes without saying that kids will freak out when they see the walls full of artwork done by other kids. The aim of the museum is to highlight the uniqueness of children’s art and to foster children’s interest in art. 

Tip: There’s also a room where they can experiment with art themselves and learn about ancient Greece.

Helenic Children’s Museum

The Helenic Children’s Museum is a place with many fun activities for children, based on interactions with the world. They will be able to draw, play in a small store, get closer to the world of science and much more. Within are a games room and samples designed for children. 

Tip: It also has special workshops in the style of how to make soap bubbles or bake cakes.


It is one of the largest planetariums in Europe and the technology it uses is truly amazing. Its projections will take you through the entire galaxy with excellent image and sound quality. In addition, it has an IMAX cinema that projects films in 360°. 

Tip: The narration is in Greek but headphones with English dubbing can be requested. Not to be missed.

Allou Fun Park & Kidom

Allou Fun Park & Kidom is a small but beautiful amusement park where children can relax. It is not a place full of people with great rides, but a modest family park, where small travellers will be the protagonists. They can spend a fun afternoon to relax with the family and then resume the itinerary through classic Athens. It’s worth it if you’re looking for an entertaining hiatus on your trip, but don’t expect to find the Century Amusement Park.

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