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3 Ways To Perfectly Plan Holiday Pre-Flight Time

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Time and cash permitting, many families have one major holiday a year, with a few weekend breaks and day trips thrown into the calendar to provide respite from school and workaday worries.

However, although most holidays are great when you get there, fate often conspires to make the week preceding departure incredibly hectic. And if you’re not careful, collective stress and anxiety can reach a peak in a couple of hours before you board – when you’re trapped in the airport and distractions are limited.

Indeed, the family dynamic can become so discombobulated by the time you sit down on the plane and fasten your seatbelts that communication is limited to whispered threats issued through gritted teeth.

But don’t despair, because this sad scenario can be avoided completely with a bit of prior planning. If you want to start your next holiday on talking terms with your family and set yourself up for the blissful break you’ve been yearning for, here are three ways to perfectly plan holiday pre-flight time.

Planning your pre flight time is just as important as planning your holiday. Be sure to do this before boarding your flight to prevent worries and stress.
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3 Ways To Perfectly Plan Holiday Pre-Flight Time

1 Keep the peace with a pitstop

Planning a pitstop before you reach the airport can be an ideal way to preserve harmony – provided you build in enough time, stopping at a scenic spot or entertainment venue is an opportunity for everyone to stretch their legs and reset the ambience.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, performing an ‘attractions near’ search on Google will help you come up with the goods. For example, pitstops close to Heathrow Airport include the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and Legoland Windsor, while the Angel of the North and Beamish Open-Air Museum is near Newcastle Airport.

2 Ensure everyone’s fed and watered

Empty bellies make for disgruntled families – simple as that. So by planning ahead and finding an airport restaurant that tantalises everyone’s taste buds, you’ll possibly avert potential tantrums.

So check for Britain’s best pre-flight food – apparently, Birmingham is currently best overall because of online ratings, low prices, vegetarian choice and family outlets like Giraffe. Meanwhile, if you’re after high-end fare, Heathrow tops the list thanks to elegant emporiums like the Fortnum & Mason bar and Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar. 

3 Get to the airport under your own steam

Although public transport to many airports is much more efficient than it was previously, it’s not always the best option if you’re travelling with children or elderly relatives – you’ll soon forget about the cheap ticket price when your teenager gets off three stops early and granny goes missing somewhere between the train toilet and bar.

Driving there in your own car is more convenient and there’s less potential for disaster – airport parking services like have secure spaces everywhere from Luton to Edinburgh so you can stow your vehicle and stroll into the terminal without a care in the world.

This hat-trick of helpful hints will ensure that your holiday pre-flight time is as positive as possible – you can thank us later! 

Share your own hints on holiday pre-flight time in the comments section.

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