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When Leah joined the local junior school she immediately set about joining various school clubs, one of which being, the choir. Each week she would come home from school singing various songs which she’d enjoyed singing at school that day. At the beginning of October Leah came home from school with a letter. She’d been invited to go to Young Voices which would take place at the end of January. An evening spent at the World Resorts Arena in Birmingham singing amazing song after amazing song. Whilst having an absolute blast with her school friends.

What is Young Voices

Young Voices is a choir concert but on a massive scale. Consisting of around 5,000-8,000 children from hundreds of schools from around the country. All singing at the same time and the audience being their parents.

Young Voices Choir Monday 27th January 2020
Young Voices Choir – Somewhere there is my daughter surrounded by over 6,000 other children!

There are numerous concerts taking place at venues around the country over a number of weeks. This entitles schools from across the country to take part in one of the dates at an arena local to them. For 2020 there are 24 concerts taking place, at locations such as London’s O2 Arena, Wembley Stadium, World Resorts Arena Birmingham, Manchester Arena Manchester and Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena.

Taking part in Young Voices all depends on your child’s schools choice to register to take part.

Young Voices Logo on a curtain
Young Voices logo on a curtain

Our Evening At Young Voices

The lead up to the evening at Young Voices brought a lot of nerves for Leah, she was understandably nervous about singing in front of thousands of people. She didn’t really know what to expect and explain the size of the location to her would make all the more nervous. Thankfully with the help of YouTube, we were able to search for some videos from concerts taken place this year and previous years. With the help of the videos, Leah was able to understand what I was explaining and just how large the event was. She then began to look forward to her turn.

The day of the concert arrived and Leah was nervous as per usual but so excited for her upcoming adventure. She left for school as per usual and at lunchtime made her way to World Resorts Arena by coach with her school. We would see her again either before the concert in her school group in the arena or after the event.

At the end of the school day, we collected Lewis and set off for Birmingham stopping by IKEA on the way for our tea.

Upon arrival at the venue, we made our way through security, grabbed a couple of drinks and then headed through to the main part of the arena for the start of the show. We arrived in plenty of time to be able to go to the “stage” area, where the kids were all seated to see if we could spot Leah. We were glad when we could see her, sadly though she didn’t see us. But she certainly wasn’t letting that spoil her evening, she looked absolutely ready for the night ahead.

Promptly at 7 pm the show began, the kids burst into life, screaming and shouting ready to begin singing. During the course of the evening, they sang songs such as Shiny Happy People, Purple People Eater, Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better and a Queen Medley to round of the evening spectacularly.

During the course of the evening, there were special guest performances from Tony Hadley, The Shires, Urban Strides and Ruti, the winner of the 7th series of The Voice UK.

Urban Strides
Urban Strides one of the evenings support acts.

The concert then ended at 9 pm where parents were able to head back home to collect their children from school or there were arrangements to collect children from the venue. We opted to collect Leah from the Venue, but this was very hectic and in future, we will probably arrange to just meet her at school instead.

Leah’s Thoughts Of The Event

Upon collecting Leah we opted to go for a quick sit down and a drink to let the crowds disperse. Leah had such a fantastic evening, despite her initial nerves she really did make some amazing memories. She hopes to be able to return to Young Voices in 2021 for what will be the shows 25th anniversary.

Leah thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of the evening, singing her favourite songs, watching the conductor and performing. Her favourite songs were KusiMama and Purple People Eater.

Following the evening I created a short montage video which I have uploaded to Leah’s iPad too for her to keep memories of her time at Young Voices. I have also ordered a DVD from Young Voices with the full evenings recording of the event. Memories that will hopefully last a lifetime and she will make more memories going again in 2021.

Do you have a child who has been to Young Voices, share your opinions of your child’s experience in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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