What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : January 2020

Wow, didn’t January 2020 fly by in the flash of an eye?! Considering the wait between paydays was rather painful, overall the month went by so quickly for us (even though we didn’t do a lot). We enjoyed little outings, big events and even a weekend away.

So without further ado, here’s our;

What We’ve Been Up To – January 2020

Days Out

Shortly after New Year, we were in a bit of a lull, after a fantastic Christmas and New Years the kids were ready to return to school to brush off the cobwebs in their games fueled minds. But we were greeted by some lovely weather the day before the kids were due to go back to school so we headed over to Lilleshall Sports Centre for an afternoon walk. We spend a lot of the week over at Lilleshall doing our archery, but we only ever get to see it during the dark evenings. It was lovely to return during the daylight and have a good wander.

Leah jumping in puddles at Lilleshall January 2020
Leah jumping in puddles at Lilleshall January 2020

3 weeks later Sam and I enjoyed a child-free 24 hours. The kids went to spend a night with their Nanny whilst we headed over to Manchester for some time away. It was a lovely trip. We enjoyed walking around the City Centre, admiring Piccadilly Gardens and spent an evening with my parents for some Japanese Food.

Me and Sam in Manchester January 2020
Me and Sam in Manchester

The evening after returning home came the main event of the month. Leah took part in Young Voices 2020 which was held at the World Resorts Arena in Birmingham. Singing as part of a 6000 child choir, Leah thoroughly enjoyed her evening and we had an amazing time watching. Here is a short video that I put together for Leah to enjoy and remember her time there.

Chicken Update

We’ve begun the year making some changes to the chickens living arrangements. First starting out with new fencing as the previous fencing was tatty looking, it didn’t make for an appealing garden at all. So on a rather warm Sunday hubby and Lewis set to work in the garden and gave the chickens new fencing. Next up we plan to build a new shed.

New fencing being installed in the Chicken Pen
New fencing being installed in the Chicken Pen


Quite frequently Lewis and Leah’s schools have a themed day. Every January it’s theme surrounds ‘raising aspirations’ and the kids are to do various events based on this theme. This year, the kids were prompted to dress up as their aspirational character and the school would hold a waxwork day. Lewis dressed up as Patrick Huston, his favourite Archery GB archer and Leah dressed up as Jojo Siwa.

Lewis and Leah dressed up for Waxwork day at school
Lewis and Leah dressed up for Waxwork day at school

Photo A Day

A new year brings new personal challenges, and this year I am attempting to take part in the Photo A Day challenge. After getting off to a great start at the beginning of the month the end of the month I lapsed slightly but I tried to make up for it where possible.


On one of the ‘photo a day’ images, I shared a picture of an ECG machine. Since the middle of November, I reported to my GP that I was suffering from heart palpitations, and at the time they were making me feel considerably unwell. After weeks of back and forth trips to the GP, they finally agreed to send me for an ECG and my appointment finally came through for the end of January 2020. I am yet to receive my results.

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Day 22 of 2020 ECG day for me today, this afternoon (after waiting 2 months for this) I have picked up my 24 hour ECG. Back in November I started having palpitations, they were painful, uncomfortable and made me feel really unwell. I spent weeks going back and forth to the doctors complaining of my symptoms and then finally getting referred for an ECG in the mid of December. Roll on 4 weeks of waiting for today my palpitations have calmed down a lot but still aren’t great so I’ve proceeded with this test. I have 3 horrid sticky pads on my chest which are a cross between stinging and itching me constantly and this machine whistles as it’s recording. It’s such a horrid noise. I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight with the wires and the noise. But I look forward to getting the results to find out what’s going on. #project366 #366photochallenge #clearlybex2020 #photoadaychallenge #day22 #day22of2020 #ECG #echocardiogram #heartbeat #palpitations

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I hope you all had a wonderful January 2020.

Thank you for reading.

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