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VonHaus 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin : Review

I am always looking for ways to make life at home that little bit easier, that little bit tidier and cleaner. Being a blogger and housewife means I spend a lot of my day confined to the house. Making sure the house is tidy and neat for when the family come home from school or work. It’s become something I obsess about as it’s my responsibility.

Spending time doing the same old jobs day in day out can get a bit annoying. With the usual objects lying around the house or how a particular item looks in a room. 1 of my bugbears has been the kitchen for 2 reasons.

  • The kitchen bin looked a mess in its corner with various items also shoved in the corner around it. It looks like an eyesore and not attractive at all.
  • The recycling was always piled up on the kitchen side waiting to be taken out to the bin.

This was a frequent daily grind of mine. Especially when taking the recycling out as I’d make regular trips to the bin on a daily basis. Sometimes 5-6 times a day.

Thankfully, VonHaus offered for me to review for them again. I was glad when they gave me the option to review this 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin.

VonHaus 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin Front View
VonHaus 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin Front View

VonHaus 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin

Upon taking delivery and taking it out of its delivery box I felt an instant relief come over me. I knew each 60L compartment of the bin would be absolutely perfect to meet with the daily demands of our household. Not only with its practical sizing it would look great it’s the corner of the kitchen and we would be able to use its size to hide the clutter behind it.

Also, the contemporary stainless steel sizing of the bin allows is to look ideal in any room. Whilst also having a non-slip base meant it won’t slip away from you when using the foot pedals.


The VonHaus 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin is a foot-operated bin. Using the peddles by the floor to open the lid you require to the bin. This maintains a high level of hygiene. As you do not have to handle the bin lid at any time with your hands. Also, no smells will leak out of the bin with its firm shut lids. It’s also worth noting here that the bin isn’t clunky either. The lids are rather smoothly operated so no loud bangs when in use.

Open the bin by pressing your foot on the corresponding foot pedals.
Open the bin by pressing your foot on the corresponding foot pedals.

Each compartments inner bins are fully removable. This has already proven to be a godsend as one of bin bags split. We were able to remove the compartment inner bin, take the recycling out and then wash the inner bin in the garden before replacing it back into the bin itself. This has been such a massive improvement to our last bin. As the who bin itself would need washing if a bag split.

This 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin has removable bin inners. Easy for taking the rubbish out.
This 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin has removable bin inners. Easy for taking the rubbish out.

As plastic waste is such a big issue worldwide at the moment we are trying to reuse bin bags. Our general waste bin bags don’t get emptied and reused when we take the recycling out. As we empty the recyclable waste into the big bin we move the bag over to the general waste bin. That way we are reusing instead of wasting. Eventually, I intend to remove plastic bags completely. I want to use the bin inner as our “bin bag” and wash the compartment out after each use. This bin will be perfect for that.


When you take delivery of the Recycling Bin you are supplied with some stickers to place on your bin. This prompts users to use the correct compartments of the bin. For us, I have labelled our bin for use with mixed recycling plastic, glass and metal on the left-hand side. Then general waste on the right-hand side. Other options include mixed paper & card or kitchen waste.

Labels for assigning the use of your bin
Labels for assigning the use of your bin

The overall sizing of this bin is 65cm(H)x58.5cm(W)x33cm(D) it does make for a fair size considering it’s a double bin. It’s a similar width to a standard size fridge/freezer and being rather narrow means it can be slotted into place.


Overall I am incredibly impressed with our new 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin from VonHaus. The bin perfectly meets our needs and requirements. As we don’t have a standard size fridge/freezer, we have to store that in the dining room. This means the new bin can stand in what should be its place in the kitchen. We keep the bin to the front of the gap which has now created some space behind for storing. The hoover and also a small crate for our cardboard recycling now live behind the bin. We no longer have recycling taking over the kitchen sides. HURRAH!

Bin situated in the kitchen
Bin situated in the kitchen.

The 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin from VonHaus gets an all-round thumbs up from us and a fair price of £79.99.

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**This is a gifted review. We were provided with a 60L 2-in-1 Recycling Bin from VonHaus to test and review. All words and opinions are my own. This blog post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Kim Carberry

    13th February 2020 at 7:24 pm

    Ohh! We have been looking for bins like this. We have the same problem with recycling piled up on the kitchen side. This looks like a good one.

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