Valentines Gift Ideas For Him 2020

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Many people around the country are now starting to think about Valentines Day and what gift to get the loved one in your life. If you’re like me I’m struggling what to get my husband as he rarely lets on what he likes but with a ton of thought I always manage to get something he’s pleased with.

During my time planning for my own shopping on what to buy this Valentines Day, I’ve come up with a shortlist of valentines gift ideas for him that also show that thought has been put in too. What’s more, these ideas won’t break the bank either!

An idea of valentines day gifts for him.
Read of for gift ideas consisting of these.

Valentines Gift Ideas For Him

Sweets & Treats

Now show me a man who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, either it is for confectionary or chocolate. Personally, my husband is more of a fan of chocolate rather than sweets so with that in mind an epic Reece’s Peanut Butter Selection Box is something he’d just love.


You may think that buying alcohol for a loved one to be a bit of a “cop-out” but not if you go to some trouble sourcing something your partner enjoys but hasn’t had in a while. For example, a favourite whiskey that was never replaced when finished or a beer that was once enjoyed but never found again afterwards. Gifts with remembrance are much gratefully received rather than 4 tins from the local off licence. My husband’s recent favourite beer has been Plum Porter from Titanic Brewery and I’ve managed to find a huge 750ml bottle of it, an ideal novelty gift.

Body Care

With it being winter, people around the country are suffering from dry/cracked skin. There’s nothing worse than holding your loved one’s hands when it’s like rubbing your hand along some sandpaper. This O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Skincare set is just perfect and it really does work too. My husband suffers from really dry skin, being a dry cleaner he deals with wet clothing, chemicals whilst removing stains and using a steam iron all day results in dry/cracked skin. I bought him some of this a couple of years ago when his hands were really sore and cracked from work, he’s sworn by it since.


What man doesn’t love a new body fragrance in their life, something with a bit of change or just a new bottle of their favourite scent. A new bottle will be sure to pop you in their good books this Valentines Day. Also, there are some fab bargains to be found at the moment with some searching, why not try this Boss Orange.


Something new for the bathroom may go down really well, either it is some new and intriguing shower gels, hair care kits or even something new for shaving. Back in 2014, my husband was gifted a Braun Wet/Dry Shaver to review, and it’s still going strong to this day! It’s such a good piece of kit. Roll forward 6 years and there is a new model on the block, with this Braun 5140 wet/dry shaver.

For The Home

Who doesn’t like something new for the home? A new fancy gadget to play around with or something new to try out in the kitchen. For the coffee lover in your life, gift a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. With such a huge variety of coffee pods to choose when out and about this would be a perfect gift.

I hope this has helped break the ice a little bit if you are struggling to find the perfect valentines gifts for your man this year. If you have any other suggestions of perfect gifts you have bought in the past please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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