Valentines Gift Ideas For Her 2020

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Many people around the country are now starting to think about Valentines Day and what gift to get the loved one in their life. You want to get a gift that will be useful, that has meaning and won’t be shoved in the back of a cupboard the morning after. Here are some fab valentines gift ideas for her that will be perfect and won’t break the bank either.

Valentines Gift Ideas for her
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Valentines Gift Ideas For Her


A gift of Jewellery doesn’t need to be expensive to mean something. Especially at Valentines. A gift of some new earrings, a new watch or a charm for her charm bracelet can mean the world. Personally, I’m loving this necklace.


The new thing in alcohol to be enjoying at the moment is gin. There is such a variety of flavoured gin to try right now the options are just endless. Perhaps a gift of this Masons Taste Experience Gin Gift Set could be just the ticket for the woman in your life to try new gins. I can vouch that the Tea Edition gin is just fantastic!

If gin isn’t something that isn’t favourable perhaps search out something which she has enjoyed in the past and forgotten about. Bring back some memories of a perfect bottle of wine/spirit enjoyed previously.

Body Care

Winter is the season where skin just suffers, skin becomes dry, cracked and sore. I’ve recently become a big fan of Burt Bees and this essential box it has all the items I now swear by to help with sore/dry skin throughout winter.


Treating your lady to a new fragrance can be a bit daunting, especially if you want to get a scent that suits her style. Like the gin suggestion, perhaps try a multi-pack of scents, and this set from Marc Jacobs is lovely and smells great too. A perfect way for your loved one to find a new scent to add to her favourites collection.


Does your woman have some favourite toiletries which are soon due to run out, but she’s putting off replacing them due to costs or extravagance? Now could be the perfect time to take a look and see if they can be replaced. Perhaps her favourite eye shadow is running low, or she’s on the last drop or two of her all-time favourite face cream. Treating her to something as simple as some of these gifts (especially when she’s complaining the are low) shows you really put some thought into whats her favourite.

If those aren’t a suitable option perhaps replace her out of date hairdryer or straighteners. All women love a new piece of gadget for haircare.

For The Home

Everyone loves a new gadget for the home, a new piece of technology to bring about some delight in all that use it. Whether that be a new music speaker, a computer game to enjoy on a console, something decorative such as a diffuser or something new for the kitchen. Recently, I treated myself to a new soup maker and it has been an absolute godsend, every couple of days I am trying out new soup recipes to enjoy. Soups are perfect for mealtimes and can be batch prepared and stored for using later.

I hope this has helped break the ice a little bit if you are struggling to find the perfect valentines gifts for your woman this year. If you have any other suggestions of perfect gifts you have bought in the past please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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