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TOAD Organiser : Review

I love new stationery. I love stationery more when its attractive, practical and functional. Recently the team at TOAD got in contact with me again to see if I would like to review an item from their range. I happily accepted to review their Organiser.


I last reviewed for TOAD in 2015 when I ordered one of their personalised wire-bound diaries. This time I opted for a leather-bound binder with diary inserts to try something new in the range.

I much prefer nowadays of having a diary which I can reuse time and time again. Opting to use new inserts and creating less waste. This boded well for the TOAD Organiser as all the inserts are made of paper. Which can be fully recycled afterwards.


Ordering my TOAD Orangiser couldn’t have been simpler. From loading the order page you are given the option of which inserts you’d prefer. Week-to-view, Day-to-page, or appointments (day-to-page with timed entry slots). Once you have chosen your internal layouts you are then given your personalisation options. First, choose the colour of your organiser. Then the start date you’d like your organiser to start from and how you’d like your external personalisation to read.

From there you are taken through to placing your order.

From order to delivery my organiser arrived in less than a week.

One thing I found during this ordering phase was there was very little detail of what other pages would be included within my diary. I knew I would receive my chosen week-to-view diary layout, but there was no notes of what else would be included within the pages. For example, notes pages, address or contacts pages.

Also, there was no option for ordering different size organisers, nor any note of what size the organiser would be. Which was slightly confusing as the refills your can order are available in 3 different sizes.

My Organiser

I was really pleased with my delivery, my organiser arrived adequately wrapped to prevent it from damage during transport.

The diary is of a slightly larger than A5 size which is perhaps a bit on the big size for my handbag. But that said its a great workplace/desk size. I ordered the purple organiser which is a lovely shade and with it being leather there is no mistaking the scent too. As I prefer to see how my whole weeks panning out in front of me at a glance I ordered the week-to-view inserts.

Outside of my TOAD Organiser
Outside of my TOAD Organiser
Inside of the TOAD Organiser
Inside of the TOAD Organiser


The week-to-view inserts are great, the paper is smooth. The day gaps are big enough to write all the notes I need for each day of the week. Keeping up with, work, blogging commitments, noting all the kid’s school events and our personal events too. I certainly shan’t be short of space at all. I couldn’t help but notice that the inserts don’t include public holidays and other important UK dates. Overall though, I like the space provided and the feel of the paper.

As mentioned earlier during the ordering process I was worried about what would be included in the week-to-view pack as there were no notes about this on the webpage. The pack includes 12 months worth of diary inserts and 5 double-sided pages of lined paper for notes.

Personally, it would have been nice to see some extra pages such as:

  • Addresses pages
  • A 2-page glance for oversight for 12 months the next year.
  • Perhaps some dividers splitting the diary from other sections of the organiser for swift navigation.

Perhaps if TOAD could arrange these options to be purchased as optional extras it would be fantastic and make my organiser much more practical. Personally, I would like to see an extra option to purchase a pack of lined notes pages too.

It would certainly help bulk up my organiser a little more too.

Overall Thoughts

I am really pleased with my TOAD Organiser and it certainly holds some great potential. It’d certainly be much more suited to my needs if it included some of the missing pages mentioned earlier. Personalisation of an organiser is paramount when its user requires it to function in a certain way for work. With missing features, it can become a bit frustrating.

I certainly intend to use the features provided to plan my blogging work for the next 12 months that’s for sure.

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** This was a gifted review. I have been gifted an organiser of my choice from TOAD to receive and review. All words and opinions are my own.

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