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What’s the Connection Between a Healthy Lifestyle and a Good Education?

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Encouraging your child to eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise frequently has been proven to improve their performance at school. On the other hand, children who engage in unhealthy behaviours, like late nights and junk food, are unlikely to do as well. Here’s some further information from a boarding school in the UK.

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast that is rich in fibre, B vitamins and protein will help set your child’s day up for success. Skipping breakfast or letting your child eat something filled with sugar will have a negative impact on their concentration and energy levels throughout the entire day. Dehydration can also affect cognitive performance and mood, even if it’s on a minor level, so make sure your child drinks plenty of water. Buy them a refillable bottle that they can take it to school and maybe even put some fresh fruit into it to improve the flavour. 

Child being given a healthy snack.
A child being given a healthy snack.

As well as a healthy diet, getting the right amount of sleep is also essential to your child’s academic success. Sleep helps to improve memory, concentration and even creativity. This means that staying up late to cram in some extra revision might actually have the complete adverse effect. If your child struggles to fall asleep at a reasonable time, you should investigate some ways to help them switch off, like a relaxing bath or some essential oils. They might even want to start a good book. 

Exercise is important too. Try and set a good example for your son or daughter by getting plenty of exercise and encouraging the same for them. This doesn’t mean you have to get everyone in the family a gym membership, it just means you need to introduce more activity like walking or cycling. Regular exercise will help boost your child’s moods, which is sometimes necessary when they’re going through a tough time at school.

In engaging in the above healthy lifestyle choices, your child should be better equipped to fight off illness and therefore they shouldn’t miss too much school. Once your child does start to make some positive improvements to the way they live, be sure to praise their efforts as a means to encourage them to continue. 

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