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Understanding How to Get More Blog Readers

Whether you blog as a full-time career or just as a side hobby, you’re probably seeking out ways to increase the number of readers. It can be very disheartening to pour your heart into a post only for a handful of people to read it. There are lots of things you can do to improve the performance of your blog, but it will require a lot of patience and hard work. 

Any digital agency will tell you that the best place to start is with thorough keyword research. Think about what your readers might be searching in Google and target those key terms and phrases. You will also have to compose a killer headline that will trigger curiosity and encourage people to click the link and read your post. You might not feel that putting in the effort to research popular blog topics, keywords and titles are worth your time, but you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make. 

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Regular blogging, sharing and regular interaction on social media help raise blog awareness.

You probably already share your blog posts on social media, but are your posts appealing enough to entice people to click through to your website? Think about the quality of the photos that you share on Instagram, the hashtags you include and the captions you type out. Think about whether or not you are making use of all of the different social media channels that are now available, from Pinterest to LinkedIn. You can’t expect people to read your blog if no-one can find it, so share share share! You should also ask the readers who are already loyal to you to share on your behalf as well. 

One popular and highly successful tactic when it comes to blogging is to make it personal. Consider how your writing might resonate with someone who is reading it and how it will make them feel. Will it help them solve a particular problem? Will it impact their life? If no, then you should delete it and start again. There is no point in posting something just for the sake of it because this will not help you build an engaged following. 

Of course, the above considerations barely scratch the surface when it comes to increasing your number of blog readers. You’ll also need to optimise your website for SEO with metadata and both internal and external links. You’ll need to engage with people; comment on their social posts, send emails and comment on other people’s blogs. The more effort you put in, the better the results. 

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