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8 Top Tips For Moving House

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Moving house can be a stressful time. Especially when you need to gather your belongings together, pack them away, move and unpack them again at the end. It’s like going food shopping, loading your trolley to load it on a belt, bag it up to unpack it when you get home. But on a much bigger and stressful scale!

Here are some of my top tips for moving house;

Plan Ahead

There’s nothing better than writing a good list before moving house. Make sure your list is in a notepad that won’t get lost so you can refer to it. Your list should include notes such as;

  • Disconnect & Reconnect Services – It’s always good to let your current providers know you are moving home, especially for TV, Internet and Phone Line. That way they can arrange engineers to reconnect your services at your new property.
  • Take Meter Readings – Meter readings at your old and new property are vital so that you can arrange your energy and water providers.
  • Arrange Postal Redirection – Especially if you want to continue to receive your post. You can also work through your post so that you can update addresses.
  • Register To Vote.

Arrange Removals

Whether you are moving your own property or need some help, you need to put an in an element of the arrangement. Do you have a vehicle with sufficient space for the move, or do you need to arrange van hire? Of if your wanting to remove some of the stress and strain from the move perhaps arrange cheap removal services to come and assist. Be sure to have this all arranged as early as possible to prevent your hire from being booked up, for more help see this page.

Start Packing Early

There’s no worse feeling than leaving all your packing until the last minute. Every home has items in it that only get used once in a blue moon, pack those away. That way you can sort through cupboards and spaces, packing the items that won’t be needed for a while whilst rehoming items that you know you won’t need again.

Once you have some boxes packed, move them out of the way so your home isn’t taken over by boxes.

Dog in a box moving house
Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Label Boxes

You want to know where boxes are going when you unload at the other end. Make sure you label the boxes with what room you need them to go to at your new house.

Check Furniture Will Fit

There are two checks you need to do here, will the furniture fit in its new home and can it fit through the door. We had this issue in one of our house moves, we couldn’t get the sofa in the front nor the back door, it was a disaster. We soon learnt how to dismantle a sofa to then take it in a piece by piece and rebuild it.

Electrical Gadgets and Their Wires

There’s nothing worse than losing a wire to your beloved games console. Be sure to keep all electrical gadgets and their wires together. If you have a lot perhaps coloured labels relating to that gadget could help for a quicker set up at the next end. Also if you have any items with nuts and bolts pack them in plastic bags so they don’t get lost.

Pack an “Essentials Box”

Moving home is a tiring business and makes for a long day. Be sure to have a box of essentials to help you such as tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cups, kettle, spoons, food and biscuits to get you through the day.

First Thing to Unpack

You’ve arrived at your new home and your eager to get unpacked and your new chapter to begin. But what do you unpack first? That’s simple, your bed! Believe me, when I say this, you will be thankful for it later in the day when your ready to crash and you realise you haven’t got a bed, mattress or covers. Your welcome!

Do you have some other top tips for moving house? Let me know what those are in the comments below and share with others.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Augustus George

    2nd March 2020 at 12:52 pm

    Some good tips on house moving. Thank you Bex. 🙂

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