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6 Home Upgrade Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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Sometimes we get a bit bored with the look of our homes, looking at the same furniture, layout and style day after day can be a bit monotonous. After a while, we want some home upgrade ideas to make some changes to give our home a bit of a positive lift.

Making such changes can always make the purse strings feel that bit tighter, especially when trying to budget it into our current financial situations. But here are 6 home upgrade ideas for significant changes that won’t break the bank.

Walls and Doors

This one really goes without saying, that a new lick of paint can bring a fantastic fresh feel to any room. Perhaps you like your current wall’s, how about try a feature wall where you only change one wall within the room, usually the biggest wall. We did this about 12 months ago to our living room and it still feels great today and has made the room feel that much brighter with it.

You could even try rejuvenating those old and yellowing skirting boards and door architrave with a new coating of clean white gloss too.

Upcycle Furniture

Do you have that sideboard that you just love and is so practical that you can’t be without it, but doesn’t look great in your room anymore? Upcycle!

This has become such a rage over the past couple of years, giving a new lease of life to once old looking and tatty furniture. It also means the person who wants to reuse the item can style and decorate it to how he/she likes to suit the home.

New Handles

Just a small change such as new cupboard and door handles can make a small but significant change to your room. Swap out those dull and boring handles for something bigger with a bit more bling to give them purpose in a room.

Home improvement ideas such as changing kitchen cupboard handles can make a big difference.
Photo by Jason Pofahl on Unsplash

New Window Dressings

When I saw window dressings, I mean anything around or by your windows. Perhaps some new ornaments, or flowers. Or maybe something with a bit more show to a room such as curtains. Swapping curtains for blinds or roller blinds can add a bit more decoration. Or even leave your curtains in place and use blinds for blocking the outside out. For example, in my bedroom, I have decorative curtains which are tied back and don’t get used and my roman blind gives us the privacy we need from the outside.

If those changes aren’t within your budget at the moment perhaps replacing your curtain tie backs, or even adding some to your curtains can help improve a room.

New Switches and Plug

If your home is like mine, its got plain white plug sockets and light switches everywhere. Perhaps those white covers don’t suit the style of your room and you could do with something slightly more tasteful to your needs. Hardware stores or online retailers have plenty to choose from in a range of styles and now even colours.


Perhaps those changes are all a little too drastic at the moment and you want something a bit more subtle. How about changing room decorations, recently Rose Gold has been such a popular colour that treating your room to such coloured decorative items and can make a room feel revitalised.

Do you have some home upgrade ideas? Let me know what those are in the comments below and share with others.

Thank you for reading.

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