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2020 Bucket List

I loved having my 2019 Bucket List, it gave me the determination to meet my goals for the year. I also enjoyed documenting our progress and end result too. So I’m continuing the Bucket List again this year with a whole new set of goals. Introducing the 2020 Bucket List!

What I want to achieve on my 2020 Bucket List

A little bit about each goal;

  • Go on a trip to Europe: This is actually booked to happen and I’m so excited! At the February half term, I am booked to go to Barcelona with my Dad and Lewis. We are all avid F1 fans so when I happen to come across tickets for the F1 pre-season testing we couldn’t resist booking some. Roll on Half Term!
  • Holiday with friends: Last Easter whilst on Holiday in the Lake District we became friends with the family in the caravan next door to us and we’ve all stayed friends since and been on various days out together. The kids (and most importantly the parents) all get on really well so we’ve recently booked a holiday on the Norfolk Broads for Easter. It’s sure to be a very fun week!
  • Buy some new Dining Room furniture: I NEED a new Dining Table and Chairs, they’ve become the bain of my life right now as the chairs are seriously worn and the table scratched. I’d love to add some new furniture to the dining room to make it feel a bit more presentable.
  • Buy a Tropical Fish Tank: I use to have a tropical fish tank when Lewis was born, I loved the fish we had and Lewis certainly enjoyed watching them too. Currently, we have 2 goldfish, the kids adore them but they are getting on a bit now so I doubt they’ll last much longer. I know the kids will be upset when they pass away but we have plans of getting a new tank and tropical fish again so it’ll soften the blow to the kids. We just need to decide where to put the tank.
  • Introduce Leah to Archery: Currently, we go to archery 3 nights a week but Leah is unable to shoot. She takes some toys with her, colouring books and iPad to relax with whilst Lewis, myself and Sam shoot. But it’ll be nice for her to be able to shoot too. So in May, Leah will be starting an archery beginners course, she’s very excited.
  • Buy Lewis a New Bow: 2 years ago when Lewis started archery we bought him a bow, the bow was about 8-10 inches taller than him…. 2 years later he’s now 8-10 inches than it! He’s also become much better at archery and is now needing upgrades in his equipment.
  • Enter Lewis into more Archery Competitions: To help Lewis continue to get better at archery he needs to enter more competitions, this is where we intend to enter at least 1 competition a month, sometimes more depending what’s going on.
  • Start and enjoy a new job: Next week I begin a new job, I’m looking forward to it and hope it’ll be the start of me returning to employment after raising the kids. Working in our family business was fun but believe people when they say that working with your spouse does put a strain on your relationship!
  • Try a new Spa location: If you know me well, or even followed my blog for a while you will know I am no stranger to a spa day, especially at Last Drop Village. I just love it there. But this year I want to go somewhere new. A change is good for the soul, right?
  • Go abroad on holiday: I’m going to aim high, I want to go on an aeroplane, leave the UK and put my toes in some warm sand. I need an all-inclusive hotel with plenty of entertainment for the kids. But the flight has to be less than around 4 hours, otherwise, Sam won’t get on the plane. I’m open to suggestions
  • Have a Birthday Party for Leah: Leah loves being the centre of attention and loves a good birthday party. Recently she attended a disco which she loved and the entertainer was fantastic. She has demanded we book him for her party (which I took his last booking for March PHEW!). Now just to get a location and guests invited.
  • Have a Birthday Party for Lewis: Lewis isn’t so much for being the centre of attention, he’s the quiet kid of the crew. But he still loves to celebrate his birthday with his friends. With his obsession being archery I am hoping to arrange an archery tag birthday party. This is still very much work in progress but I do have contacts in place.
  • Take Leah Go-Karting: Last year Lewis was introduced to Go-Karting by his Uncle Kip, he loves it. Sadly Leah wasn’t old enough, but as she turns 8 in March she will then to be old enough. Were planning another Go-Karting trip for the end of March for her to try it for the first time.
  • See Sam pass his CBT and Bike Test: As a teen, Sam owned his own motorbike but never passed his full test. Subsequently, his licence expired and now he no longer rides. But to be able to take his CBT and full bike test is on his bucket list for 2020!
  • Take the kids to Legoland Birmingham: Just to shut Lewis up as he keeps asking to go. This year we will go!
  • Go to a new National Trust Property: With hundreds of locations to visit throughout the UK, it’s only fair we make the effort to visit a new location in 2020.

Keep an eye out on my social media feeds, especially Instagram throughout the year to see how we’re getting on with our annual bucket list.

What’s on your 2020 Bucket List?


  1. Rachael McCadden

    25th January 2020 at 11:48 am

    Cheese and ham Toastie

  2. Kim Carberry

    9th January 2020 at 8:24 pm

    What a great list! It sounds like you have some fantastic plans. Good luck x

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