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2019 Bucket List – The Finale

Since returning to blogging I am loving detailing my life that little bit more and now that another year has passed I can look back over Bucket List 2019 and see if I’ve met my goals. These blog posts are a great reminder to help me remember events and things I plan to do in the coming year. But before I focus on 2020 I want to round up on 2019.

You may recall in January 2019 I shared my Bucket List 2019 for the year and then in June, we shared an update. As we have now finished the year I want to reveal just how well we got on.

2019 Bucket List Round-Up

So, what was on the list I hear you ask? Well…

Start Saving – Have A Holiday – Buy A New Car – Decorate My Bedroom – Buy New Furniture For Lewis’s Room – Lewis’s Archery – Fully Train In Dry Cleaning – Zoo Keeper Experience – Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits – Visit New National Trust Property – Leah’s Residential – Read More Books – Lose Weight – Gain Fitness – Regular Massages – Buy New Curtains – Anniversary Night Away – Blog 4-8 Times A Month.

How we got on:

  • Start Saving: This looks a little healthier than it did in the middle of 2019 and I hope it continues to go in a good way. We want to get a house of our own so we are currently saving for a deposit. As the start of 2020 stands, I am earning a small but ideal income from my blogging whilst I’ve just taken on a casual invigilator role at my local Grammar School. I’m hoping these incomes, alongside the full-time wage Sam earns we will have some money aside for a mortgage in the coming years. YEY!
  • Have A Holiday: By the end of 2019 we’d managed not 1 but 2 holidays, both UK holidays, both as the same holiday park in the Lake District. I have no shame in admitting that Bowness-On-Windermere is my favourite UK holiday destination and I just love returning. At the beginning of the summer holidays I managed to get away with the kids for 3 days too, we headed to Blackpool on the hottest 3 days of 2019 and we had a blast!
Getting the 2019 Bucket List Holidays in - On the Beach at Central Pier at Blackpool
On the Beach at Central Pier at Blackpool
  • Buy A New Car: This was achieved pretty early on in January. For a while, I’d wanted to buy an SUV as our Meriva wasn’t giving us the space we needed so we decided to go and look around to see what was on offer with a view to buying a couple of months later. That was until we’d spotted an ex-demonstrator Peugeot 308 SW and it ticked all our boxes except my “I was a taller, bigger SUV type car” box but inside it provides us with so much more space than our Meriva did. It’s been a perfect buy!
  • Decorate My Bedroom: If you want to call “slapped some paint on the walls” as decorated, then yes we managed this one too. I still intend on getting some new furniture at some point but I’m not seeing it as overly important anymore.
  • Buy New Furniture For Lewis Room: Lewis’s bedroom now looks fantastic with his painted walls and matching furniture we picked up in IKEA. For Christmas Santa delivered Lewis a new TV which was too big for his TV stand, we had to change the TV stand for an old one we had in the garage (it’s in decent condition but didn’t suit the livingroom) but I think I plan to make his new TV hanging eventually.
  • Lewis’s Archery: This is our biggest achievement this past 12 months, Lewis’s archery is going from strength to strength. With the help of Lewis’s new coach, his determination and understanding he has made phenomenal progress. During the Indoor Nationals in December, he finished 4th in his age category which he is immensely proud of himself and is eager to see his results rise.
Lewis ready for the Junior Indoor Nationals
Lewis ready for the Junior Indoor Nationals
  • Fully Train In Dry Cleaning: I’m “fully trained” on a self-taught level which was more than enough to help me get through a days work at the shop with ease. Unfortunately now though I rarely do any hours as the shop is now overstaffed, so i’m surplus to requirements. But I have my new job and blogging to keep me going, i’ll just retain my new dry cleaning skills.
  • ZooKeeper Experience: This didn’t quite happen unfortunately but I intend to merge this over into our 2020 Bucket List but perhaps broaden the expectations of this to a Meerkat ZooKeeper Experience on the request of the kids.
  • Conquer Leah’s Eating Habits: As per our mid-year update in 2019 we are still very much waiting for Leah to conquer her habits herself. After Leah’s diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder, we know that we will probably never conquer her “habit” as its not a habit but a disorder. Leah had a gripping issue with textures and if she isn’t happy with a texture of a food item she won’t entertain eating it, let alone trying it.
  • Visit New National Trust Property: Big tick in this box, we enjoyed two new properties this year from the National Trust. First up, Sizergh Castle which we’d intended to visit when we returned to the Lake District in August. Sadly the house was closed the day we visited but we still got to enjoy the grounds and local amenities.
Fulfilling our 2019 Bucket List with a new National Trust Property - Sizergh Castle
Sizergh Castle

Next up was Dunham Massey which we met up with friends to enjoy a day out as a group. A spectacular location and one I am very sure we will make sure we visit again!

Day out with friends at Dunham Massey
Day out with friends at Dunham Massey
  • Leah’s Residential: This was a big success from Leah in 2019, a night away from home with her school friends. Leah had never spent a night away from home before, so for her to manage this was a huge achievement. If you have a child due to go on their first residential trip soon then this packing tips blog post could be handy.
  • Read More Books: I read more books in 2019 that I think I had managed since I was a teenager. I enjoyed more of my fostering novels and saw the year out being gripped by Jenson Button of which I enjoyed his autobiography and latest book “How To Be An F1 Driver”. Both great books!
  • Lose Weight: Pah! Let’s move on…
  • Gain Fitness: Now this one I’ve made a good go at. With doing archery myself I was struggling with shoulder strength and core fitness. I’ve frequently been doing weight and stretch band exercises and made a great improvement to my shoulders. At the end of 2019, I started aquafit too which I intend to keep up with too.
  • Regular Massages: My main need for massages at the start of 2019 was because of my low strength in my shoulders, I attended a couple of massage sessions but don’t feel the overall need for them anymore due to my increase in strength thanks to my exercises.
  • Buy New Curtains: After decorating various rooms with paint during 2019 we managed to get new curtains for the kid’s bedrooms, a new roller blind for my bedroom and new blinds for the bathroom (thanks to a review from Make My Blinds). All of these rooms are looks as wonderful as ever and the kids sleep peacefully now with their blackout curtains.
  • Anniversary Night Away: We got it! My parents came to the rescue and looked after the kids for us for one night in early August. It was tied in well with the start of our holiday and the kids enjoyed a night with their Nanna and Grandad whilst Sam and I headed to Last Drop Village for an overnight spa. Thank you Mum and Dad!
Sam and I on our child free evening at Last Drop Village Spa
Sam and I on our child-free evening at Last Drop Village Spa
  • Blog 4-8 Times A Month: At the start of the year I was worried about what I’d talk about 4-8 times a month but now it’s slipped in so wonderfully that I’m averaging about 8-10 blog posts a month at the moment. Perfect!

Thanks for reading!

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