What We've Been Up To

What We’ve Been Up To : November 2019

It’s been such a long time since I did a personal post, giving you an insight into my life rather than just the reviews we get sent to complete. I feel my blog is losing its personal touch and I’d rather that didn’t happen.

I want to add a new feature to my blog, hopefully, one I will keep up with and give my blog that spark of having some personal content back again.

So to try and get into that habit I’m going to do a monthly diary, sharing what we’ve been up to. Our monthly highlights, and possibly a lowlight that may be significant.

We started November during the kid’s half-term, we’d planned various days out and ended the week meeting up with friends at Dunham Massey in Cheshire. Other days out during the week included a bike ride in Shrewsbury’s, Quarry Park after some recent flooding the kids wanted to visit and see how the water levels were. We also visited the new Silverstone Experience learning about the history of our favourite race circuit and also the history of Formula 1.

  • Lewis Waving White Flag at Silverstone Experience - November 2019
  • Kids at Silverstone Experience - November 2019
  • Kids at Quarry Park - November 2019

Around the middle of the month, it was suggested by Lewis’s class teacher that we had his eyes checked as he was struggling with reading. Mainly tracking when reading as Lewis has always had to use his finger to follow the line otherwise he’d lose his location, jump to other lines or become confused – sometimes all three! So I spoke with the optician and it was suggested that he had a colourimetry check to see if this helped. After an initial checkup, he came away with a yellow overlay sheet to see if this helped. It worked a treat! After using this sheet for a fortnight we have now returned for the second part of his test to distinguish the exact shade of yellow he needs and we are now awaiting his new lenses.

Lewis's Colourimetry Overlay to help him with his reading.
Lewis’s Colourimetry Overlay to help him with his reading.

Last of all and the most important thing to happen in November is that Lewis was ranked 4th in the UK of under 12 recurve archers following his annual trip to Stoneleigh Park in Coventry for the Archery GB Junior Indoor National Competition. It was a rather nerve-wracking day as Lewis was initially ranked 2nd after the 2nd session of the day but dropped to 4th after the 3rd session. He was so nervous but he’s extremely pleased with his efforts and positioning after the event.

Lewis took part in the Junior National Indoor Championship
Lewis took part in the Junior National Indoor Championship

So for November that is all we have to report. See you in January for the next, where I will most likely be talking all things Christmas!

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