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Time for a makeover for number plates in Northern Ireland | Ad

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For over 45 years now, the number plates on vehicles in Northern Ireland have looked the same. However, it was decided during talks in June 2019 that things were set to change.

Whilst the proposed changes to Northern Irelands number plates are not likely to be put in place for some time. The idea that they are going to change, and by how much they are going to change might surprise some people who own cars in the country.

Why are they changing?

Before we look at just what changes are going to be made to the number plates in Northern Ireland, it makes sense to learn why it has been decided that they are going to be changed. The main reason for this has to be because more and more cars are driving on the roads.

In fact, during 1903, only 50 vehicles were registered in Northern Ireland. However, a study during 2002 showed that there were almost 800,000 cars on the roads and given that this information was taken 17 years ago, we are sure that this number is going to have grown and grown.

When you have this in mind, it makes sense that the DVLA has said that the possible number plate combinations that can be used for vehicles in the country are going to run out and then where will car owners be?

Northern Irelands Number Plates are set to change format soon.
Northern Irelands Number Plates are set to change format soon.

How will they change?

It was back in the early 20th Century that number plates were introduced into Northern Ireland and it is safe to say that people were not instantly supportive of the idea. In fact, the idea of being identifiable was not something that many people wanted.

The format of Northern Irelands number plates is different from the format that is seen elsewhere in the UK. First, there is a letter, which is then followed by a county or city code, which shows where the number plate was created. After this, you will find up to four numbers.

However, the change that is proposed is that the numbers will be the first thing on the number plates, then the letters that relate to the location that it was registered will come after. This means that there is a whole new sequence of number plates that can be used and makes things much easier when it comes to identifying cars in Northern Ireland.

It has been said that the changes will not come into effect until the number plates that contain UIG, WIG, VIG, and XIG have been issued. Once this has happened then the planned changes can be made.

If you are someone who lives in Northern Ireland and is often on the roads, then you might be surprised to see just how different things look for cars on the roads. Seeing as the last change was a number of years ago and only changed the colour of the plates, it is going to definitely be something that is going to take some getting used to.

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