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Leah’s Dream Horse With Petplan Equine Horse Insurance | Ad

**Collaborative Post with Petplan Equine. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Petplan Equine was founded over 30 years ago and has since helped countless horse owners nationwide with the health of their beloved pet.

There are many plans that Petplan Equine provides for various insurance plans catering for young, competitive or veteran plans for when your horse a senior age. There is also an option for rider insurance too, covering horse riders aged 5-75 where you do not own your own horse in the event of an accident.

What’s more, Petplan Equine also offer a lifetime policy. Meaning they will cover veterinary fees for illness until your horse is 25 years old. All you need to do is take out a policy before your horse reaches the age of 20.

Leah’s Dream Horse

As a child I’d always wanted to learn how to ride a horse, perhaps one day leading up to actually owning a horse. I was lucky that one of my parent’s neighbours owned a horse and she regularly rode it by our houses letting me see her and stroke the horse. I even got to have a quick sit on her too, but she was a very tall horse and I was rather nervous. Then as an adult, my husband purchased me a riding session as a local horse riding club, it was a fantastic experience, the kids loved watching me ride and I always vouched to return for more sessions.

Recently we were contacted by Petplan inviting Leah to design her own horse, I designed her a template and she got to work being all creative making her pony as colourful as possible.

Leah designed her own horse for Petplan Equine to turn into a soft toy
Leah designed her own horse for Petplan Equine to turn into a soft toy

We sent her design off to the team at Petplan Equine who this week produced Leah with her own soft toy horse, designed by herself. She absolutely LOVES it and is amazed at how well her horse has turned out. Subsequently, Leah’s horse has now been named ‘Crystal’, she loved eating broccoli and pasta and her favourite thing to do all day is sit on the windowsill and wait for Leah to come home from school to play.

Leah's completed My Dream Horse soft toy
Leah’s completed My Dream Horse soft toy

Leah’s always dreamed of owning her own horse, and would one day like to be brave enough to learn how to ride and care for a horse. Currently, she is a little fearful of them due to their size but we have friends local to us to have an elderly horse and Leah has been invited to visit him. Hopefully, as she learns how to groom him, feed him some treats and get to the nitty-gritty business of cleaning out his stable she will become less fearful. She’s very excited about this and regularly asks me when this will happen. I will now be sure to arrange this for after Christmas.

Leah with her My Dream Horse from Petplan Equine
Leah with her My Dream Horse from Petplan Equine

Who knows in future, we could both begin horse riding lessons together.

If you are a horse owner, or someone looking into getting into horse riding I do recommend having a look at Petplan Equine Horse Insurance. Browse the insurance policies they have to offer but also some of the fascinating reads they have on their webpage from top tips for caring for your horse to common illnesses and ensuring the best care and wellbeing for your beloved pet.

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